Historical Strategy Game Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Coming To Western Audiences In 2020

Historical Strategy Game Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV Coming To Western Audiences In 2020
Credit: Koei Tecmo via Youtube

Koei Tecmo’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms series is unlike their action-packed musou franchise Dynasty Warriors. The storyline and characters are similar: players control one of the three major kingdoms to control China. Gamers can choose between Shu, Wu, and Wei kingdoms, which include access to the major characters.

The gameplay is significantly different. Instead of charging into battle, gamers must make careful strategic decisions with their armies. Making the wrong move could cost them a considerable amount of forces and land.

Koei Tecmo recently updated the official website with new information regarding their newest historical strategy game Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV. More content regarding gameplay, characters, and a new promotional video was added.

“The entire map of China becomes a grand battlefield in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV, with no boundaries to where fights can take place. Warfare includes everything from siege—such as battering rams and catapults, to battles on water with a variety of different assault boats. Players will even find famous landmarks from the period of The Three Kingdoms; including the Yangtze River and Yellow River, with the chance to claim them as part of their domain.” states Koei Tecmo.

Some of the new updates include area overseers to protect the center of the kingdom’s land. Overseers help suppress surrounding areas and cut-off the enemies’ supply lines. Cities will also expand as players fulfill set requirements, making it harder for enemies to take over.

The characters are where the series begins to shine. RoftTKXIV boasts the highest number of officers in the series with more than 1,000 to choose from.

Koei Tecmo also confirmed many of characters coming to the series, including Xun Yu, Lu Meng, Xu Shu, Xiahou Yuan, and more.

Though the main three kingdoms roster continues to grow, there are plenty of characters to choose from. Characters often included in the “Other” kingdoms, such as Dong Zhou, Lu Bu, and Diao Chan.

Gamers can utilities each character’s unique tactics to lead their forces to victory.

Koei Tecmo is offering an early purchase bonus for those who preorder. They will receive the “Battle of Yiling” DLC, which was fought between Sun Quan of Wu and Cao Cao of Wei. The DLC will be released two weeks after the game’s release.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV will launch on the PlayStation 4 and PC first in Japan on January 16, 2020. Western audiences can expect the game on February 28, 2020.