5300 And 7300 SSD Series To Add Up To Micron’s Enterprise SSD Lineup

5300 And 7300 SSD Series To Add Up To Micron’s Enterprise SSD Lineup
Credit: micron

Micron recently announced the latest addition to their enterprise SSD family – the 7300 and 5300 series. These two new series are built for data center usage. They are also equipped with Micron’s latest 96-layer NAND. The 7300 is optimized for high throughput and demanding workloads. On the other hand, 5300 is built specifically for read-oriented tasks requiring high reliability.

Micron’s New 7300 NVMe-Built Series

Since the 7300 series is specifically built for demanding tasks and high-throughput computing, it is based on NVMe. It is equipped with four 3.0 PCI-Express access lanes and will receive an NVMe dual-port support update later.

The 7300 will be launched in four various flavors —M.2 and U.2 drives, both with MAX and PRO versions. The latter version is more focused on read-intensive user tasks, tackling wear and tear at one drive write a day. The MAX version, on the other hand, is said to tackle a maximum of three drive writes a day. The failure meantime for both of these versions is recorded at two million hours.

Micron’s New 5300 SATA SSDs Series

To recap, SATA SSD has a slower demand in the market. Despite this, Micron is still promoting SATA SSDs in the enterprise space. Micron claims that numerous complex upgrades can only be efficiently done on a SATA-run infrastructure.

This new 5300 series will also sport a NAND with 96 layers. And since it’s designed for data reliability and mass storage, it received a three million hours failure meantime.

This series will be launched in various flavors, as well. The “Boot” series, for instance, is built for OS installation and will only be available in M.2 format. The “PRO” line, on the other hand, will come in 2.5-inch and M.2 formats. The 7.68 and 3.84 TB PRO variants, however, will only be available in the 2.5-inch format.

The MAX series, lastly, will only be launched in the 2.5-inch format, too. However, its features will be more sophisticated compared to its PRO counterparts. For one, it is said to come in a higher write endurance.

Built for Endurance

Both series are Micron-offered options for those who want a durable NVMe that won’t hurt the pocket. Specifically, Micron is targeting cloud and enterprise IT managers who want low latency, fast, and efficient NVMe storage. With 7300 and 5300’s release, Micron wants to leverage the price-performance and power consumption efficacies of NAND technology.

For those awaiting the release of these series, Micron announced that they plan to ship 7300 this December.