Fallout: Bethesda’s Indigo Child Had Their First Service Break On Launch, Was This Planned?

Fallout: Bethesda’s Indigo Child Had Their First Service Break On Launch, Was This Planned?
Credit: Bethesda Softworks via YouTube

When Bethesda told the public that a new service would be added for a sum of £100 for private server and a few bobs and bits, people reacted but still subscribed only to find out it was significantly broken at launch. Really? Yes! Fallout 1st happens to be broken on launch! Well, it’s not surprising as Bethesda has records of eerie gameplay experiences. Very sad.

The first notable problem is the scrap box, which is exclusive to subscribers. The purpose of the scrap box is to store as much gear, by the way, it’s meant to be a bottomless scrap box. Well, surprisingly, some of the subscribers complain of the scrap box, scraping away their gear into limbo, gone! Without any means of getting it back. Some reported to sign out and sign again, but still no gear found in the scrap box. Strange indeed!

Bethesda’s Remarks on Feedbacks Received
Well here’s what Bethesda issued to Gamespot recently:
‘Following the release of Update 14 this week, the development team has been looking into players sending support tickets of scrap going missing. We have some details to share with you on our discoveries and our next plan going forward. Initially, our investigation spotted this as a display issue, and the items were still intact.’

Then they continued by saying: ‘however, we have since figured that a small group of players noticed their items loaded into a different world. Attending to this issue is our top priority. Also, we are exploring alternate ways to restore the missing items. We tend to resolve this with a hotfix promptly, and update players once we are ready to deploy the fix.’

Another significant feature of Fallout 1st is private servers are instances of a world only the subscribers and seven other invited friends can enter. Well, it is not working. Players have noted that anyone can enter their private world meant for only the subscriber, and the invited friends could join? With this current update, then it’ s a public realm, not a private one.

‘We know this is not what players expect for their Private Worlds,’ said Bethesda after making bank from those who paid for Fallouts 1st ‘we are looking to release an option in an upcoming patch to allow Fallout 1st users to secure access to their worlds completely, preventing friends from entering without permission’ as they said.

Coincidentally, Bethesda forgot to purchase the domain based on Fallout 1st , so some angered gamer went out on the franchise detailing the flaws and making a mockery out of it.

Nonetheless, the Fallout 1stsubscription cost £11.99/ $12.99 a month or $99.99 / £99.99 a year and offers players a private world (as is said on the benefits section), a scrap box (currently transferring them to different worlds), a Ranger Armor outfit, a tent for campers, 1,650 atoms to spend in the Atomic shop and three apologies from the management. Well, let’s wait for the patch and fix, until then happy gaming!