Noxcrew Showcases Some Holiday Updates For The MC Minecraft Championship 13

Noxcrew Showcases Some Holiday Updates For The MC Minecraft Championship 13
Credit: NoxCrew

Minecraft‘s popularity rose during this pandemic to almost 132 million active monthly users; this rise in popularity has both new players and content creators playing and inventing new ways to play Minecraft.

This increase in popularity has content creators like DanTDM using mods to enhance further his hardcore survival series, which had the original completed after DanTDM killed the Ender Dragon. This new series sees DanTDM using a large number of mods to make Minecraft significantly more challenging. The total number of mods is 342, with only a minimap and a way to craft various items like the Totem of undying.

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This increase has led to the MC Minecraft championship drawn up to 500,000 viewers during its ninth iteration. This ninth championship having up to 500,000 viewers through both YouTube and Twitch streams.

The MC Minecraft championship is now up to its thirteenth iteration. Since the thirteenth iteration is the final year, Noxcrew is clearly trying to finish off the year with a fantastic final showing.

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These changes include the entire hub being remodeled to fit with a Christmas theme or winter-themed decorations. While the new hub is a cosmetic change, there are some gameplay changes that challengers may need to keep track of.

A new mini-game is called Present Sharing. This new game mode has the players being tasked with finding piles of presents scattered around the newly decorative hub and taking those presents to a designated person on the server. The designated person for the server will be picked at random once the presents are collected by the players.

Interestingly enough, players who deliver the packages will be given special power-ups that can be used in the Decision Dome. One interesting fact is that there is a change that both players will only get coal.

While these new minigames are a great addition, other minigames have also gotten a Christmas-themed and winter-themed style.

One of these minigames, as shown in the video released by Noxcrew, is called the Parkour Tag. This minigame looks significantly more festive, and even Sands of time has been changed to be called Snows of Time.

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These changes are more deeply aligned with the holiday season and with the idea of the final MC Championship being a bigger showing than the previous MC Championships.