No Man’s Sky Comparing Images From 2016 And 2022 In A Latest Video

No Man’s Sky Comparing Images From 2016 And 2022 In A Latest Video
Credit: 24game

The most recent in-depth video from now-famous YouTuber Cycu1 demonstrates the amazing steps Hello Games took to expand the No Man’s Sky universe.

The numerous enhancements made by the writers to increase No Man’s Sky’s interactive galaxy are highlighted in Cycu1’s comparative film. The English developers’ work followed a dual route of optimization and straightforward “fan service.”

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No Man’s Sky’s developers initially fixed many of the flaws that plagued version 1.0, and then they gradually added capability for a sophisticated generative engine that generates practically all of the game’s graphic, logical, and even narrative features.

The space stations, which can be seen around an hour into the playthrough, are probably the most obvious difference.

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Cycu1’s video demonstrates how barren and dull these stations were in Version 1.0, in contrast to how busy hubs they are now, teeming with side quests, NPCs, and traders.

Even though No Man’s Sky contains 18 quintillion planets that may be found, the world back then felt incredibly empty, and seeing how little content each space station has in this film serves as a somber reminder of how things once were.

Thankfully, things are much better now. The creator still provides free updates that just add more content to the already massive game.

In fact, No Man’s Sky will also be ported to the Nintendo Switch later this year, demonstrating that it is still having an influence on the market.

The studio even won a BAFTA for the game back in April, making it unquestionably one of the most well-known redemption arcs in all of video game development.

Hello, Games has also stated that it is developing its upcoming title, but Sean Murray, the company’s co-founder, insists that the development team has learned its lesson about overhyping projects. What will be included in this upcoming release is unknown.