Mod Users On PC Can Prepare Now For The Upcoming Sims 4 Update This Tuesday

Mod Users On PC Can Prepare Now For The Upcoming Sims 4 Update This Tuesday
Credit: The Sims 4 Official Website

In the next few days, EA and Maxis will release a major patch for the base game users of The Sims 4. The update is in preparation for the upcoming expansion pack Eco Lifestyle, which will be released on June 5.

Unlike past updates, this update is happening on the same day for both PC and console users. The update contains some general fixes but also some significant new features previously left out.

One of the benefits of playing The Sims 4 games on PC is that they’re modder-friendly. Console users don’t have access to mods, so they don’t have to worry about any conflicts that may occur with the upcoming update.

PC users can begin preparing their games now for the upcoming base game update by taking a few precautions. One of the steps includes moving the “Mods” folder out of their The Sims 4 directory. Depending on how many mods players have, this could take a few minutes.

After an update, mods are automatically disabled, so they have to be re-enabled, then the game must be restarted. Players can then move their Mod folders back into the correct directory.

For those who only use cosmetic custom content, this isn’t a major issue, and mods shouldn’t be affected. However, script mods, or mods that affect gameplay, should be updated immediately after an update takes place. Leaving an incompatible or outdated script mod may cause errors or crashing issues.

Players who are extra cautious can also backup their save games, but this is a good habit to have. Saved games are kept on the PC and not on the Origin cloud, so if something happens to the PC, all save data is lost.

All save data is kept in a folder called “Saves” within The Sims 4 directory. Sims, Lots, and Rooms players have created are stored in the “Tray” folder. Players should copy these folders somewhere safe if something goes wrong.

Another additional step, but is not necessary, is to backup the “Recorded Videos” and “Screenshots” folders.

The upcoming update will include the addition of Firefighter NPCs, so playable Sims no longer have to risk their lives by trying to extinguish the fire alone. Ladders are finally getting added to make home builds more interesting and free-placement of doors and windows.

In anticipation of the new EP, bills will now be broken down into power and water usage instead of being served in one lump sum. The final major addition is an overhaul of Sims’ personal inventory to search and filter for items Sims are carrying.

The next The Sims 4 base game update launches on June 2 for PC and consoles. The Eco Lifestyle EP releases on June 5 for all platforms.