Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks DLC, All Hostile Mobs Added Into Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks DLC, All Hostile Mobs Added Into Minecraft Dungeons
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft Live had announcements for more than just Minecraft, this event also announced the upcoming DLC for Minecraft Dungeons. This announced DLC is called Howling Peaks, which adds not only a new location to Minecraft Dungeons but also items and Mobs.

Minecraft Dungeons has also been updated with new and fantastic DLC, this previous DLC Creeping Winter DLC featured some significant changes to the game. These changes included new weapons, new mobs, and a new environment.

Minecraft Dungeons‘ next DLC, Howling Peaks, will add the mountain biome to the game but will also add new and tougher enemies to the game. Some of these enemies will be incredibly hostile towards the player and even attack the players on sight!


Tempest Golem

The Tempest Golem is the new boss mob from Howling Peaks and has an increasingly different design when compared to other golems that have been implemented into Minecraft Dungeons.

Squall Golem

The Squall Golem features a similar body shape to the Redstone Golem but slightly different. This Golem isn’t powered by Redstone and is instead powered by the wind thanks to the wind generators located on the top of the golem.

The Squall golem isn’t initially hostile but instead will sit on the ground and will not move or attack the player. However, if the Wind is in a certain direction, the Squall Golem will charge and attack the player with quick melee attacks.

The Squall Golem is significantly smaller in size when compared to the Redstone Golem, it has less health and does less damage when compared to the Redstone Golem

The Ravager

The Ravager is a mob taken straight from Minecraft and added in a brand new way for Minecraft Dungeons. The Melee attack of the Ravager does the same amount of damage as the Redstone Golem but has a bit less health when compared. This attack consists of the Ravager running towards the player quickly and ramming their heads against their intended target.

The Ravager can also create a roar that will knock all the nearby players away, this creates a different dynamic when compared to other mobs in Minecraft Dungeons.

Wind Caller

The Wind Caller is an Illager that posses wind magic, this Illager features a tall slender hat with orang beads on its hands.

The Wind Caller features a design of a shaman and it wears a red cape with a yellow swirl.