New Project Hospital DLC – Traumatology Department Now Available On Steam

New Project Hospital DLC – Traumatology Department Now Available On Steam
Credit: Project Hospital via Steam

Developer Oxymoron Games has announced a new DLC for Project Hospital. The Traumatology Department will contain even more content to expand the hospital and is now available. The Steam Store page is available now with additional information plus videos of the gameplay.

The new DLC will contain 42 new diagnoses, new equipment, and events. The most critical of cases will have their patience airlifted to the hospital in a helicopter. But those who don’t have as severe of injuries may arrive in a wheelchair to move-in patients and other special equipment.

The DLC also adds brand new animations for injured patients, including visible wounds, bandaids, and patients walking around using crutches. The new animations will add more realism to the game.

The developer includes new events to keep players strategizing on how to help the most injured players first. The events focused specifically on the trauma ward will let players deal with the consequences of various disasters, accidents, or crime. No matter how patients arrive, they will have to be quickly attended to or else.

The last DLC update was the Department of Infectious Diseases in August. The Department of Infectious Diseases DLC contains new content related to exotic diseases to even worldwide pandemics. Players will try and help patients who have been infected, but the doctors will first have to learn more about the new illnesses.

The new DLC contains 65 different diagnoses plus specialized equipment to treat each issue. Players can transfer infectious patients to isolation wards to prevent an outbreak within the hospital. Staff will also receive extra care. Players can choose which areas need extra protective gear to keep staff safe. The most infectious patience will even get special stretches for transport.

The new content will also mean new challenges. One of the new events is revolved around the real-world pandemic COVID-19. Players will have to deal with a wave of COVID-19 positive patients whose conditions have become severe.

The Department of Infectious Diseases DLC also comes with a new ambulance plus a new sandbox level. Screenshots of the new DLC is available on the official Steam store page. Since the game’s launch, the developer updated the game to resolve any issues.

The Project Hospital – Traumatology Department DLC is now available with a 10% discount until October 27.