Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Update Will Add The Warden, Minecraft’s First Blind Mob

Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Update Will Add The Warden, Minecraft’s First Blind Mob
Credit: Fu Via YouTube

Minecraft‘s Caves and Cliff’s Update will see many different changes made to Minecraft; some of these changes range from a new ore to a new way for the player to mine and get new materials.

This new ore is called the Copper ore, and it is the first ore that, when made into a block, will slowly change its color from the original orange to the green color that copper oxidizes to.

This copper block color change happens in a large variety of blocks ranging from just the standard blocks to the stairs and slabs.

Another change is the Archeology system, which will be added to Minecraft; this system offers players a new way to get materials from caves. This system uses a brush that slowly breaks down the gravel, sand blocks to reveal whatever hidden treasures are hidden within.

One of Minecraft’s major additions will be the Warden, which spawns in the new deep dark biome and is insanely strong doing fifteen hearts of damage and can bring players who are wearing Netherite armor to just seven hearts after one hit.

This mob is the first blind mob to be added to Minecraft; the Warden doesn’t have eyes on its head; instead, it’s head has its horns, which increases its fearsome appearance even more. The Warden features a green color scheme that looks increasingly menacing when in a ravine or charging toward you in the caves.

This mob’s chest has a glowing core that appears to brighten and dim with the cave biome’s ambient lighting and seemingly spawns about the hut that was seen back during Minecraft Live. This hut is now called the Warden’s Dungeon.

Since this mob is completely blind, throwing projectiles like Snowballs or Arrows near the Warden will cause the mob to investigate the sound. This might be an easy way to avoid having to dealing with the Warden.

Not only is the Warden the first blind Minecraft mob, but he is also one of the tallest mobs in the game being over three blocks tall, which makes him taller than the Iron Golem and Enderman in height.

Players will need to watch out for this fearsome mob when mining in the new Caves and Cliffs updated version of Minecraft, which is stated to come out in Summer 2021.