Microprose Published Classic Game, The Master Of Magic Fantasy 4X Collection, Will Be Getting A Revival

Microprose Published Classic Game, The Master Of Magic Fantasy 4X Collection, Will Be Getting A Revival
Credit: Hadriex via YouTube

A year after MicroProse published Master of Orion, they released Master of Magic. But this time, the game is getting a brand new life thanks to the British game developer, Slitherine Software. The game dev company has recently acquired the rights to publish the game from its Atari version to IP.

Slitherine Software has been known to deliver quality game revivals, including past games that have carved the gaming landscape. Such of the games listed on the publisher’s website includes the Spartan, the History Channel: Great Battles of Rome, and Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.

According to Improvement’s Director Iain McNeal, the company has always intended to stay ahead and engaged in what he called as, “immensely standard franchise,” He also emphasized the degree of responsibility and accountability once the company attempts to recreate or develop sequels from those of standard IPs.

Nonetheless, the game development company has always shown its ability by re-releasing these games with a new life. Such of their skills can be seen with the release of the award-winning Panzer Corps game in 2011. Thought this is far from an official announcement, the Improvement Director’s new just proves how serious the company is in terms of bringing the Master of Magic game back to life.

Master of Magic is a turn-based single-player fantasy game previously released on MS-DOS version in 1994. The game’s early version had many bugs resulting to its low critique and players heavily complaining about the game’s unreliability. The game was updated in 1994 with the release of the official patch version 1.31. Though the game became much more stable, it received minimal success due to the previous bugs. Master of Magic was again re-released in 2010 on GOG with Windows support.

This game takes every gamer to the nostalgic world of the fantasy genre with gameplay. It has all the elements and concepts of a classic 90s game from the plot to the graphic rendition of the worlds. As such, it would be interesting for Slitherine Software to take on this project and revive the game anew.

Players can expect Master of Magic to have the same random map generation feature, trait selection, global and enhancement spells, and various other elements reminiscent of a 90s fantasy game.

Though the gaming dev and distributor did not mention any release date, expect the Master of Magic Series to come out anytime soon.