Memblaze: The New PBlaze V 920 Series Has Numerous Capacities For Business Storage With Reset-Free Firmware Upgrade

Memblaze: The New PBlaze V 920 Series Has Numerous Capacities For Business Storage With Reset-Free Firmware Upgrade
Credit: Memblaze

Yesterday, Memblaze announced the launch of PBlaze V 920 Series based NVMe SSDs, which can enhance the user’s experience. This series takes on a 96-layer 3D eTLC NAND with a capacity of 7.68 TB and is shaped in forms of a 2.5-inch U.2 and HHHL add-in card.

This series also consists of 4 groups of SKU-PBlaze V D920, PBlaze V C920, PBlaze V C926, and PBlaze V D926.

That’s not all. Memblaze PBlaze V 920 Series NVMe SSD can deliver up to 970,000 reads and 5.9GB per second read bandwidth. These read and write latency lowers to 90μ and 12μ, respectively.

Based on its excellent data protection, good compatibility, user experience, and maximum performance, and also state-of-the-art enterprise features, PBlaze V 920 Series SSD helps customers to build high-reliability, adaptable storage, and quick solutions for enterprise-centric applications.

Memblaze PBlaze V 920 series can also attain smooth progression under certain conditions like a 4K random plug, from empty to full disk state, a synchronized conversion between random write and sequential write. Their work is to ensure the device operates under those conditions and is free from consistent breaks.

Furthermore, the GC read efficiency of the PBlaze V 920 Series is also enhanced to a notable extent, which in turn boosts the overall execution efficiency of GC.

It’s Superior Qualities
PBlaze V 920 Series aids customers in avoiding the risks of experiencing poor user experience and also business delay that may arise as a result of the consistent access quantity and individual overlong I/O time of SSD.

As the number of multi-application deployment situations on one drive increases, PBlaze V invented a new feature termed ‘Quota by Namespace.’ The purpose of this new feature is to execute quota operation to the namespaces of NVMe SSD, which is to select the required namespaces in line with the application needs—for example, boosting and expanding application scenarios on priority.

So how does ‘Quota by Namespace’ work under the hood? It works by creating different slots of the namespace on the Memblaze PBlaze V 920 series and places limitations on the loaded namespaces with lower priority and ensures the namespaces with higher-priority can access more I/O endpoints.

Memblaze PBlaze V Reset-Free Firmware Upgrade Capability
Typically, the firmware upgrades happen by a cold restart of the server before the refresh of each module of the business system, which is intricate and error-prone.

However, Memblaze PBlaze V supports firmware upgrade but without the need to reset. Even amidst I/O operations in the business systems, still, the firmware upgrade can be completed without shutting down of systems or stopping of businesses.

Therefore, this assures continuous storage system services and also simplifies the maintenance and operation procedures, which lifts heavy-workloads from maintenance difficulty and cost and IT system operations.