Lunch A Palooza Has Just Launched On Ps4 And Nintendo Switch

Lunch A Palooza Has Just Launched On Ps4 And Nintendo Switch
Credit: Lunch A Palooza

Enter into a food-driven party game experience. Lunch A Palooza comes from developer Seashell Studio and is a multiplayer party game that revolves around food. This title is now available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in addition to its original Steam launch.

This is a thrilling battle of the food as the meals wreak havoc across a dinner table. Fight for food dominance as you battle each other as one of the right dishes. This game can be players alone or with up to four friends as you battle it out in a Lunch A Palooza.

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In Lunch A Palooza good is life. This is a game for everyone as it comes with easy to learn controls, randomized matches, and unexpected twists. This title is great for beginner and seasoned gamers with the overall goal of being the last food standing. Battle it out and obtain food dominance.

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This title is a food fight among eight dishes as you push the other food off the table. Use special power-ups to gain unique attacks as you fight the competition for control of the menu.

The game comes with a single-player Vs. AI game mode and a local multiplayer option. Play across four unique game modes as you battle in either Main Course, Side Dish, King of the Cloche, and Royale Buffet.

Players get to choose between eight different meals. Each meal comes with its own unique skills and attacks based on its food properties.

The levels are dynamic and offer an ever-changing experience. Visually this title is unique and players will get lost eight in shock or laughing at the unique humor of this title. The game is filled with pop culture references just waiting to be discovered.

Avoid enemies, push traps, use powerups, and hold nothing back on the battle for food domination. This game does come with a unique progression system that will unlock new skins, characters, levels, and more on your journey to be the ultimate meal.

This game is great for players of all ages. As a party game, it is best played with friends and family for the full effect. Battle for dominance and choose your favorite food as you enjoy the scenery, action, and strange things that will no doubt occur throughout the match.

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Lunch A Palooza is available on PC, Ps4, and Nintendo Switch for interested fans. Learn more on the game’s official Steam site or the developer’s webpage.