Legends of Ethernal Has Released For Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Legends of Ethernal Has Released For Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC
Credit: Steam XO

Legends of Ethernal is an indie experience from Lucid Dreams Studios. This title is now available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This title mixes several genres of games into a single experience as you follow the journey of a young boy who has just returned to his village.

Upon his return, the village has been ransacked and the boy’s parents are missing. Explore the village and reveal the truth of what occurred while you were away. Enter into an action-platformer with a unique emphasis on narrative. This game is full of puzzles, bosses, and more as you take on the unique efforts of the game’s many NPCs.

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Legends of Ethernal is a unique 2D single-player action-adventure. Explore a beautiful hand-crafted environment as you solve puzzles, battle creatures, and learn why your parents have disappeared.

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This game has an evolving mechanic system that slowly unlocks as items and weapons are found. This is similar to the evolving process of Legend of Zelda where each item has new and improved puzzles.

Unleash strategies, solve puzzles, and deal with challenging dungeons. This game has multiple environments for different environments. Enjoy a challenging experience in this unique title.

Throughout the game is ethers and various items for crafting. Journey through a unique process as you crat various items throughout the environment.

This game has beautiful 2D hand-drawn art with tons of different environments. Watch as the various backgrounds are scaled up to support 4k resolution. This is a unique title that’s art speaks for itself as a unique and driving creation.

This is a driving and compelling storyline full of enigmatic events. This is a linear storyline but there are tons of great characters to meet and multiple difficulty levels to experience it through. Choose your path, understand your fate, and discover the truth revolving around your family’s existence.

This game launched onto Steam as of October 30th. The title comes from Lucid Dreams Studio and publisher Natsume. Experience a deep story, mighty legend, and interesting characters as your every action determine the fate of this young boy.

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Legends of Ethernal can be purchased for $19.99 on Steam. Prepare to enter into a unique journey and experience as you explore the village and discover the truth of the village incident. This title is great for players of all ages, enter into a new adventure into a distant land full of opportunity, legend, and potential.