Coffee Talk Is Set To Hit Steam Next Year In January; Lets You Serve Coffee To Fantasy-Like Characters

Coffee Talk Is Set To Hit Steam Next Year In January; Lets You Serve Coffee To Fantasy-Like Characters
Credit: Toge Productions via YouTube

Coffee is beloved by many on a global scale. It’s consumed by the gallons, be it for energy or just for that rich flavor. Have you ever imagined making it in a video game, though? Now you can with Coffee Talk. You’ll get to make fresh cups of that hot goodness in the Seattle area. There’s just one catch: You’re serving coffee to extraordinary creatures.

From elves to vampires, you’ll meet every species in this quaint and peaceful coffee shop. Coffee Talk is set to release on Steam sometime in January of next year. If you’re tired of non-stop action in first-person shooters or in-depth grinding featured in RPGs, this little gem is the perfect game for you.

The developers behind this unique talking simulator is Toge Productions. They did a phenomenal job at taking a pretty common subject and turning it into something addicting. As a coffee barista, you’ll get to talk to people and listen to their problems. It’s like being a bartender at your favorite restaurant.

In addition to responding to their worries, you’ll get to put all sorts of ingredients together to make a wide variety of beverages. From lattes to elegant cappuccinos, Coffee Talk lets you relax a bit and zen out in a relaxing, atmospheric coffee shop.

Making different drinks for a wide variety of species keeps you immersed in this unique world. You actually feel like a professional barista after a certain point. You’ll be dreaming about rich roasts for days. Even more compelling are the stories you get to hear from the cast of characters you interact with.

There is so much diversity. Every customer has a tale to share, whether it revolves around their ex or something a little deeper like the meaning of life. Each conversation is a chance to learn more about these Seattle patrons. Honestly, hours seem like mere minutes in this coffee shop. Now, you’re not going to be blown away by the visuals, and the action certainly won’t get your heart beating.

Still, Coffee Talk is more of a laid back type of game that you can just pick up when you want to relax. The coffee is always fresh and the conversation will keep you coming back for more. Look for it on the Steam store after the new year kicks off. You won’t be dissapointed with the unique interactions and the simple, yet peaceful tasks of making coffee.