LEC – League European Championship Revealed All-Pro Team For The 2020 Summer Split, MAD Lions Is Leading It

LEC – League European Championship Revealed All-Pro Team For The 2020 Summer Split, MAD Lions Is Leading It
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

With the Summer Split of the LEC officially all wrapped up, Riot Games has introduced the five players who have earned All-Pro team honors.

Unlike some other regions, the LEC has awarded All-Pro team honors to players from a variety of different squads, even featuring players from teams that didn’t make it to playoffs. The 2020 LEC Summer Split All-Pro first team features Alphari, Shad0w, Caps, Patrik, and Kaiser.

Despite finishing at the bottom of the standings this season, Alphari continues to earn the respect of fans and pundits alike. To finish with the highest numbers for CS and gold earned on the worst team in the league is an impressive feat. It’s that kind of lane dominance that elevates Alphari above some of the other elite top laners in the league.

One of two players from the second-place Summer Split team MAD Lions, Shad0w easily outscored the second-highest placing jungler in voting. All split, he wooed audiences with his impressive mechanical skill, especially on his signature champion Lee Sin. Shad0w’s kill participation during the season finished at an impressive 69.4 percent, one of the highest in the league.

G2 Esports have looked a little indecisive at times this year, but through the ups and downs, mid laner Caps has been able to carry the 2019 World’s finalists through the season. Caps has been the best mid lane player in the league for multiple seasons now and was always going to be a shoo-in for the award. Perhaps most impressively of all, he finished the regular season having played the highest number of unique champions of all mid laners while still maintaining the second-best KDA in the league.

Perhaps the biggest surprise on the list, the ADC from the middling team of Excel Esports made it on to the LEC All-Pro first team. This position was the most closely contested on the All-Pro team, with the second and third highest voted players both missing out on first-team honors by just one and six votes, respectively. Numbers-wise, Patrik wasn’t toward the top of any of the recorded statistics, but the impression he left on the LEC community with his fancy outplays and carry moments throughout the season was enough to land himself an All-Pro spot.

MAD Lions support Kaiser was the top-voted player on the list with a stunning 123 points. All season long, he impressed the world with his unusual but insane mechanical prowess on picks like support Wukong. It should come as no surprise that Kaiser ranks among the best support players in nearly every statistic and could be considered the best player on one of the best teams in Europe at the moment.