Leak: Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Reveals A List Of War Achievements And Trophies

Leak: Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Reveals A List Of War Achievements And Trophies
Credit: CODTracker

Recently, Wccftech got intel that the achievement list for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, classified information—got leaked three (5) days ago, courtesy of CODTracker.

According to the leak, the complete 44-achievement list entails what gamers will need to sharpen their skills at the campaign, zombies, and multiplayer to get the platinum trophy or the full 1,000 gamer-score.

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For those who would love to enjoy a 100% spoiler-free experience when booting up Black Ops Cold War, now’s your final warning to look away. Speaking of which, the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War achievement list does have spoilers, like the classified intel in the achievement icons and the number of story missions.

Speaking of campaign trophies, it’s fairly standard to the usual Call of Duty fare. In terms of play mode, there’s only one difficulty related trophy—Combat Hardened—however, this one requires you to play the game on either Realism or Veteran difficulty. This means you will stick to that particular difficulty from beginning to end and perhaps separate the chapter-specific achievements for a second playthrough on a lower difficulty.

However, Multiplayer gets the lowest number of achievements in this new update. Asides from the need to kill 100 foes while in motion (in a vehicle) and conquering 50 matches, players may gain the complete multiplayer achievements all in two nights

Besides, 200 kills are no big deal when talking about Call of Duty. Any COD player can practically reach the kill counts even before finishing the gold camo on a single gun.

Zombies onslaught and other modes get a solid 1/3 of the achievements to Black Ops Cold War to aim at Easter eggs in Die Machine.

Fortunately, Dead Ops Arcade makes an incredible comeback, as suggested by the Fowl Five Piece achievement. However, up to date, Activision hasn’t revealed this top-notch shooter being integrated into Black Ops Cold War yet, but since we’ve had a test with the additional mode twice now, the extra mode doesn’t come as a cliff-hanger.

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You can view the full 44 lists of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War achievements at the cod-tracker-gg official website. While the trophy list is yet to be released, and if it’s anything similar to Modern Warfare, we can expect to see an identical list, including a few DLC numbers trophies for the PlayStation-exclusive mode.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War will launch globally on November 13th for Xbox One, PC, Series S/X, and PlayStation 4. However, the PlayStation 5 version will launch on the same day as others only in North America (the US and Canada) then on the 19th globally.