League of Legends World Championship 2019 Group Stage Group C Recap: RNG Gonna Give You Up

League of Legends World Championship 2019 Group Stage Group C Recap: RNG Gonna Give You Up
Credit: Riot Games via Youtube

Group C, also known as the Group of Death by the community had the most stacked group of Worlds as per the yearly tradition. SKT as Korea’s 1st seed, RNG as China’s 1st seed, Fnatic as Europe’s 2nd seed and Clutch Gaming as NA’s 3rd seed. Everyone had very high expectations of all teams outside of NA’s seed, but some fans expected them to pull off a clutch win due to their unconventional tactics.

Standings after first round-robin:

During the first round-robin, SK Telecom T1 showed why they dominated the playoffs of both Spring and Summer in LCK with their newly formed roster around superstar mid laner and the greatest player of all time, Faker. They showed immaculate gameplay with very few mistakes.

China’s Royal Never Give Up had very convincing games as well, dropping a game to SKT’s backdoor which was unexpected by many, considering that they were dominating the game and had control over the entire map.

Europe’s Fnatic looked quite weak, defaulting to their Garen/Yuumi setup which was not very successful, while their top and jungle were sick and were drinking antibiotics. The situation was quite grim.

NA’s Clutch Gaming was quite disappointing, playing their one-dimensional comp with Damonte as their carry player but who did not perform to anyone’s expectations, even though they were qualified through play-ins, the community expected them to at least pull of a clutch win against other opponents.

SKT managed to secure first place convincingly in the group, almost qualifying as a 6-0 1st seed, but in the second week of the round-robin, they lost a game after being defeated in a very convincing fashion by Fnatic who were seeking for revenge after their disappointing first-week results.

RNG pulled off a ‘Royal Gonna Give You Up’ during their second week of the round-robin. While they looked like a menace who can contest SKT’s 1st seed in the group during the first days, they dropped off quite hard during the second week, managing to get beaten by Europe’s superstar team, Fnatic, who decided to bring out all aces out of their sleeve in order to defeat everyone and secure a spot in the quarterfinals.

Fnatic pulled off a miracle with a convincing 3-0 against the opponents in the group during the second week of round-robin, they have defaulted to a comp with Reckless performing with a standard marksman instead of the mage or Garen bot lane, while mid laner Nemesis kept his a calm attitude and exploited every single mistake from the opponents, securing a spot in the quarterfinals.

Clutch Gaming was disappointing just like Cloud 9, they did not manage to pull off a single win while using their one dimensional tactic of a ten-minute herald up the top lane.

Some fans criticized the amounts of slots teams from NA have since most of them drop out of groups, we shall see if Team Liquid will be the saving grace or not for the NA region.

Tune in at Riot Games YouTube Channel see which teams will come out of the other groups during the following days!