Last Oasis Is Now Back Online After Receiving Some Stability Improvements

Last Oasis Is Now Back Online After Receiving Some Stability Improvements
Credit: Last Oasis via YouTube

Ever since Last Oasis released in Early Access, it has garnered a lot of attention. Gamers have been captivated by its fun survival elements. The planet’s openness, resource management systems, and character interaction have helped this game soar to the top of the charts quick.

Given that Last Oasis has received so much attention, server stability has been an issue. It got so bad — in fact — that the developer Donkey Crew had to take the servers down because of the constant complaints they kept receiving. Even with success, comes some costs it seems.

Fortunately, Donkey Crew has responded brilliantly and have since opened back up the servers. They even conducted a stress test this weekend and judging by many player reactions, things are going much more smoothly compared to the Early Access launch. Given that the servers were closed and reopened, everyone is having to start from scratch. It’s worth it, though, to receive more stable servers.

Now it seems like most gamers can get in on sessions and stay put, which has taken a lot of the stress away. The culprit for the server instability can be explained to backend issues, according to the developer. The number of players trying to join Last Oasis left people stuck in queues. It’s safe to assume that these issues have since been worked out, which is impressive given the little amount of time that Donkey Crew did it.

They know they have a huge hit on their hands based on early user numbers, and they want to do everything possible to ensure players have optimal experiences. If you’ve held out on playing Last Oasis because of the server issues, now’s a good time to jump back in. And if you’re still on the fence, Last Oasis has a lot going for it.

Constructing the large structures called walkers is such a fun concept; it will have you scavenging for resources with great excitement. Walkers are needed in this game to move throughout the open areas. In addition to building and looking for resources, you’ll have to brave the elements and be wary of other users. You have to play your cards just right to survive everything that’s thrown your way.

As we move forward in 2020, Last Oasis will just keep getting better and better. Who knows what this game will look like in a couple of months? It’s all so exciting if you like these types of survival games.