Streets Of Rogue Is Getting A Sequel And It’s Now In Development

Streets Of Rogue Is Getting A Sequel And It’s Now In Development
Credit: Rock Paper Shotgun via YouTube

One of the better rogue-lite games to come out in the past couple of years is Streets of Rogue by Matt Dabrowski. Even though it didn’t have a lot of funding, the developer was able to create a great game about freedom and fast-paced action. Streets of Rogue hits the gas pedal from the jump and doesn’t let off until the end.

It really is an incredible game for the rogue-lite genre worth checking out, and those who enjoyed the original can jump up for joy. That’s because a sequel is currently in development. Matt Dabrowski shared this news recently with the fans.

The promise of new mechanics and even crazier systems is getting a lot of rogue-lite fans excited about what’s coming down the pipe. The original game is full of anarchy and random elements, and you can bet these aspects will be showing up again in the sequel. It wouldn’t be surprisingly to see Dabrowski dial up the intensity meter even more. Any sequel needs to take elements from the original and improve upon them in some impactful way.

When this sequel will be finished isn’t entirely clear. It’s worth noting that Matt spent roughly six years making the original. If the sequel is better and longer, who really knows what the time frame will be this time? Of course, there’s always the possibility of Matt bringing in more developers to help facilitate the game-making process. People loved the original and there probably will be an even greater demand for the sequel. That may be enough to put together a dedicated team of developers. Even if Matt doesn’t take this approach, the wait probably will be worth it in the end.

Streets of Rogue is such an incredible game full of endless possibilities. You can become all sorts of characters and approach gameplay in many different ways. Hopefully, this limitless design shows back up in the sequel. That has definitely been an element that fans liked out of the gate.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Streets of Rogue, it really is worth your time. It keeps getting update after update. According to Matt, they won’t be stopping anytime soon. That just means even more content and insane combat you have to look forward to. It’s great to see the Streets of Rogue franchise being kept alive. Who knows what’s in store for the sequel?