Knockout City Is Bringing Dodgeball To Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC Audiences In May

Knockout City Is Bringing Dodgeball To Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC Audiences In May
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Electrons Arts and Velan Studio have a brand new title headed for console and PC audiences. Knockout City is an intense dodgeball map from the inspired developers that handled Mario Kart Live. This title will be a cross-play cross-progression experience for anyone who is ready to turn dodgeball into a dodgebrawl.

Closed beta starts on February 20th for PC users and can be accessed through Origin and Steam. The game’s console launch is planned for May 21rst, leaving some room before all audiences can experience this title. This is expected to be a semi-competitive game that brings dodgeball to the world of video games with a futuristic spin.

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Knockout City will require an exceptional amount of skill and style as players compete in intense battles. You will have to master the art of throwing, catching, passing, and dodging before any chance of victory can be found. Once these skills are mastered, players can smack their enemy in the face with tons of powerful and unique character abilities.

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Players will form a crew and then fight it out against rivals in a unique city of dodgeball action. The game is a team-based multiplayer experience that will challenge gamers to excel at dodgeball dominance.

Customize your own character and start a crew with your friends. As you coordinate as a team, you can explore Knockout City and dodge, catch, and throw balls that fly around the map. If no ball can be found, become the ball and roll it into your teammate’s hand as the ultimate weapon.

The game comes with tons of different balls and promises to be a frantic and fun experience. The matches are fast, the dodgeball mechanics are fluid, and your power is only capped by your skill when it comes to taking down varying enemies.

Battle across a dynamic map as you experience different parts of Knockout City. Play dodgeball everywhere as you explore the areas and realize that nothing is off-limits. Skyscrapers, burger joints, and event moving cars can be places where dodgeball is allowed.

This is an intense action game that EA hopes can become valued and enjoyed by millions of players across the world.

This title is great for audiences of all ages. For more information, please explore the developer’s website and trailer.

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Knockout City is set for a release on all consoles as of May 21rst, 2021. Till then, a demo will be available on PC via both Steam and Origin launchers.