Nigma Will Compete At The OGA Dota Pit Without Team Captain, Coach rmN- Will Fill In

Nigma Will Compete At The OGA Dota Pit Without Team Captain, Coach rmN- Will Fill In
Credit: Team Nigma

After The International 2020 has been canceled, teams are flooding other tournaments to showcase and gauge their lineup’s prowess. In less than three days, fans can enjoy the OGA聽Dota PIT season three. Unfortunately for Nigma, team captain, Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi, will still not see play due to an undisclosed injury.

KuroKy will continue to be inactive due to unforeseen and extended care for his injury. Nigma will not back down, though, and will battle it out in the OGA Dota PIT that will begin on September 23. Veteran pro player and coach Roman “rmN-” Paley will be stepping into the plate.

Team Nigma tweets, “Our Captain is still recovering. @NigmaKuroKy is still going through his treatment, and @rmN_dota will be standing in during
@OGADotaPIT. We wish Kuro a speedy recovery.”

The last update on the German team captain’s injury was back in July before the second season of the OGA聽Dota PIT. It was learned that the TI finalist had received medical treatment for an arm injury. Nigma has not disclosed a lot of information regarding the unfortunate event.

The missing team captain has fueled the rest of the roster recently while competing in several tier one and two tournaments. The lineup has won season two of the European division of the OGA聽Dota Pit over Alliance. It has placed third in the OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division after falling to OG. Though the team has lost to OG in playoffs twice this year already, the results are still not terrible without their superstar.

Since they won the season two, Nigma will be seated as the top-seeded team heading into the OGA PIT. They will be facing one of the closed qualifier teams in the initial round. The tournament won’t be a walk in the park, though鈥攖op tier teams such as Team Liquid, Alliance, OG, and VP.Prodigy are signed up to join the competition.

Fans, pro players, and teams have sent their regards to the multi-finalists TI pro. Fan-favorite OG’s N0tail replies, “Triple TI finalist.. is this why we’re still postponing 馃槶? I’d still wait tho 馃檪 Speedy recovery !” Teams such as Secret and VICI Gaming has also tweeted for KuroKy’s speedy recovery. “Get well soon, K-God!” VICI Gaming writes.

One fan also wishes to see KuroKy soon in the competitive scene. “The聽Dota community miss seeing [you] in competitive games. I pray that its nothing serious, and [you] get better each day.”