Knights Of Honor 2: Sovereign Gameplay Is Showcased In A Brand-New Trailer By THQ Nordic

Knights Of Honor 2: Sovereign Gameplay Is Showcased In A Brand-New Trailer By THQ Nordic

A summer gaming showcase event named the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 was recently televised by the video game publisher THQ Nordic.

At the THQ Nordic showcase, Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign was one of the new titles that were unveiled. As a follow-up to the original Knights of Honor created by Black Sea Studios, now known as Creative Assembly Sofia, the RTS game was first announced in 2019. Black Sea Games are currently developing it with developers that worked on the original game. However, the THQ Nordic event displayed gameplay in addition to more than just a brief teaser clip.

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Players can obtain a decent sense of the game’s mechanics through the gameplay of Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign. A character’s advisor to the player serves as the trailer’s narrator. It opens with the player preparing to invade a nearby kingdom, building trade lines, and inciting a rebellion in another realm.

The trailer demonstrates warfare as players can gather and command their army. In this action-packed RTS game, players can control their forces directly. To defeat their opponents, they can use tried-and-true RTS strategies like flanking the opposition with cavalry units or sending men to scale castle walls.

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The THQ Nordic Digital Showcase hosts also revealed some information regarding the game. Especially noteworthy is that Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign takes place in medieval Europe, where players can select their kingdom from those in Europe, North Africa, and a few regions of Asia.

With the ability to choose their marshals, merchants, clergy, diplomats, and spies to serve in their royal court, players will be in charge of their own royal family. Knights of Honor 2: Sovereign allows players to pick how they want to rule, whether through deft diplomacy or ruthless conquest, and to play with others online in various game types that keep the gameplay new.