Online Leak Of God Of War Ragnarok’s Odin Character Design

Online Leak Of God Of War Ragnarok’s Odin Character Design
Credit: IGN

While God of War Ragnarok is widely believed to be Elden Ring’s biggest rival, many fans think that Elden Ring has already secured the title of Game of the Year. This eagerly awaited PlayStation exclusive recently acquired a November 9 release date.

However, given that both FromSoftware and Santa Monica Studios’ most recent games won the GOTY at The Game Awards, it may be a genuine struggle this year—depending on how everything plays out.

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Even though the release date for God of War Ragnarok was revealed and a teaser for Fenrir’s arrival was released, not much gameplay or recent footage has been shown. The public knows that Kratos and Atreus are attempting to stop Ragnarok and that Tyr, Fenrir, Angrboda, Freya, and Thor are all somehow involved. Since his ravens may have been hinted at in another video, many people look forward to Odin’s entrance in the game or a trailer. However, neither his hair nor his hide has been revealed.

However, the latest Last of Us Part 1 leaks have sparked suspicions of many more God of War Ragnarok leaks. Until now, no information regarding God of War Ragnarok had been posted online after what was purported to be a security flaw that sure fans could control and access. However, the recently “retired” leaker AethesticGamer/Dusk Golem shared a character model of Odin. He is primarily known for horror and Resident Evil leaks.

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The way Odin looked was discussed, and it seemed to surprise some people that he wasn’t a mighty God being that lived among men like Zeus. If this is true, Odin’s appearance may confuse many in the same way God of War Ragnarok’s portrayal of Thor did.

The mythology of Odin also matches this to a significant extent, though. So even while mythology was never strictly followed in God of War—instead, it served as inspiration—it is still an intriguing interpretation of the great god.