Is Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Museum Getting An Art Wing Or Is This NPC Just Out Of Their Mind?

Is Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Museum Getting An Art Wing Or Is This NPC Just Out Of Their Mind?
Credit: Animal Crossing Official Website

Something’s off about Fang, Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s resident sweater-wearing wolf. Fang isn’t an art lover. As a matter of fact, Fang doesn’t really understand art, but does like hanging out in the museum, staring at the different pieces. The only problem is that Blathers is more interested in bugs, fish, and fossils. His museum doesn’t have any art. So what is Fang talking about?

“Can’t say I know much about art… But I like that there’s some in the museum here for me to gawk at,” Fang says. “I just kinda stand there for a bit starin’ at each piece, tryin’ to look real thoughtful-like, cha-chomp.”

This bit of dialogue comes from Twitter user @sylvidia, who posted a video of the conversation between Fang and their Animal Crossing character. If you used a very loose definition of the word, maybe you could say that the exhibits in the museum can be considered art, but it seems much more likely that Fang is, in fact, referring to something that doesn’t exist.

Of course, it’s only fueling speculation that the New Horizons museum is getting an art wing in the future. That would suggest that Fang’s dialogue simply triggered too early, and this was something they were supposed to say after the art wing rolled out. It’s definitely a plausible theory, especially considering that the top floor of the museum is empty and Animal Crossing museums have historically featured art sections.

With the onslaught of new updates rolling out in New Horizons on a consistent basis, it seems very likely that this theory is dead-on. This isn’t just unwarranted speculation. Fang clearly references art in the museum, which has to mean something. The rest of the clues are just icing on the cake.

Not to mention that art plays a big part in Animal Crossing, what with everyone able to contribute their own designs to be displayed and worn for everyone to see. There’s also Redd, the fox from previous games in the series, who shows up to sell pieces of art.

Assuming this is all true, the only question is when it’s going to happen. Despite launching only a month ago, New Horizons has seen a lot of updates, and I would bet a decent amount of bells that the art update – which may or may not exist – is coming in the very near future.

Please don’t let Tom Nook know that I’m gambling. I owe him so many bells.