Indie RTS Northgard Gets A Balancing Patch To Even Out The Playable Clans

Indie RTS Northgard Gets A Balancing Patch To Even Out The Playable Clans
Credit: ShiroGamesTV via YouTube

Shiro Games’ nordic RTS, Northgard, is getting a huge balance update! We wrote up a comprehensive reading on a handful of the general changes coming to the game, but we’ve yet to go into the massive changes coming to the different clans!

Northgard has many different animalistic clans, with each one having a specific playstyle it compliments. Some of these changes are more extensive to others to compliment their given playstyle, while some are relatively minor to keep the clan where it is in the rankings.

Clan of the Ox

  • The Clan of the Ox has the most changes of any civilization, targeting their building and military might
  • City Builder: In improved zones, specialized units receive a 10% Production Bonus and Buildings upkeep is reduced by half. These nerfs are meant to stop the Clan of the Ox from being dominant by making having a wide civilization more taxing
  • Military Pressure causes all non-villager units to gain a production bonus based on the number of military units under your control
  • Torfin can still use provocation to cause all enemy units and towers to target him while doubling his defense for six seconds, almost half of the previous ten seconds

Clan of the Kraken

  • Norns increase Happiness production by 20% and Wyrd production by 10%
  • Near the Sea Spirit generates 1 Krown and 1 Wyrd every 3 buildings, down from the current 4
  • Foresight Lore will now replace Medicine
  • Howl of the Sea Master allows military units killed in neutral or enemy zones to possibly become a Spectral Warrior under your command

Clan of the Dragon and Clan of the Snake

We’ve bunched these two here, as both have a single change coming. Shiro has lowered both clans’ attack power by 5% in regards to Snake’s Signy and Dragon’s Dragonkin.

Clan of theBoar

  • Environment Hostility has been reduced by 70%. Production of non-villager units in Forests, Swamps, and Fish improved by 10%
  • Neutrals will no longer accept the same trading resources twice
  • Osmosis has been moved from Negotiate to Trading Caravan in the lore tree

Clan of the Raven

  • Gear Upgrade now gives 2% attack power and defense power for each active Sailor or Merchant

Clan of the Goat

  • Building Goat’s Relic now allows you to build another Sheepfold
  • The clan will now start with one sheep and can build two Sheepfolds
  • Sheep produce 10% less food
  • Shepherd Lore and Spare Tools are reversed

Clan of the Stag

  • Hero Emblem causes Altar of Kings to cost 5 Stones to build

And those are the changes! Hopefully, your favorite clan is one of the ones that has been buffed. If not, a bit of game time should help you get used to the changes rather swiftly, as none are too incredibly drastic.