Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Might Be Released For Playstation 5 In 2021 – The Game And The Console Are Both Highly Anticipated

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Might Be Released For Playstation 5 In 2021 – The Game And The Console Are Both Highly Anticipated
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

There’s a fresh rumor about the sequel for the highly acclaimed open-world adventure-RPG game from Guerilla Games entitled Horizon Zero Dawn.

The game is currently in progress for PS5, and the title’s release is slated in 2021. It might be a year of waiting, but the developers mentioned they want the game to be perfect.

The gaming community already knows that there’s an upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn and it’s in development, and gratitude to the voice actor of the game who leaked the news just this week.

But this is the first time where there’s news about the game’s release window, and what’s surprising about it is it’s not another news about the developmental progress of the game because it’s about the upcoming release of the game, which is sooner than expected.

The new leak on the title came from an anonymous European game developer who is working on a launch title for PlayStation 5. This developer has leaked a lot of information about PS5 on the web, and it includes the launch titles for PS5. He posted the news on Pastebin.

According to the Pastebin post, PlayStation 5 will be launched with titles such as Gran Turismo 7, a Harry Potter game, GTA VI, and Vikings Assassin’s Creed.

GTA VI will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive for a month. The unknown developer also noted several PS VR titles, and some PlayStation 5 exclusives, which he hasn’t named.

Of course, players should not be in high hopes because all of these are still rumors. Even if Horizon Zero Dawn 2’s still in the developing phase and is noted to come as an early title for PS5, there’s still no certainty until the game has been officially announced.

Fans love Horizon Zero Dawn because of its story depth, challenging battles, and its exploration of the open world.

The performance and character development of Aloy were highly acclaimed so thanks to Ashly Burch for giving life to the character. Critics noted that the character models, some melee combat aspects of the game, and the dialogue needs improvement.

The gap between PS3 and PS4 is seven years, so most fans expect the release of PS5 sometime around 2020. Lesser people are buying PS4, and Sony could be working harder on the PS5.

It would be shocking for most people if PS5 can’t defeat Xbox One X in terms of specs. The expected price of the new console from Sony is $399.

PS5 could offer a streaming console so it can compete with Xbox Two, and it might offer backward compatibility. Fans should be careful when watching announcement videos because some of them are just made by fans.