Hi-Rez Revealed A Brand New Team-Based PvP Shooter Game Called Rogue Company

Hi-Rez Revealed A Brand New Team-Based PvP Shooter Game Called Rogue Company
Credit: Rogue Company via YouTube

The game developer of Paladins and Realm Royale, Hi-Rez Studios, has published a new multiplayer shooter game that will be released in the Epic Games Store by the year 2020. This team-based shooting game is named Rogue Company.

The game is created by First Watch Games that features a group of skillful mercenaries armed with a variety of weapons on a mission to solve the world’s life-threatening challenges. It is packed with thrilling actions, high-end weaponry, and cool-headed attitude.

This secret organization may sound as rumors to some, but to those who knew their existence, believe that it is undoubtedly an all-important organization that can unravel and resolve the world’s deadliest mission.

Players can team up with other players and crossplay across major platforms. The game offers two modes of play style, the casual and competitive modes. Nevertheless, the game mode’s details are not yet announced. The ‘game’s representative only said that the game is a class-based shooter with a one-to-one encounter in several game modes.

Built as a game that of live-service, it will continuously undergo reinvention, refinements, and upgrades. Some of the refines thought by the developer include game modes, weaponry, maps, events, and actionable mercenaries.

Aiming to become the next best multiplayer shooter game, the developer insists on getting feedbacks from players to improve the game.

In the game, players will team up, choose their weapon, go to iconic places, and engage in combat based on a variety of game modes.

Though the sneak peek released by the developer gives off the impression that this game is a battle royale, the ‘game’s publisher denied the claim.

As it is still much early before the release of the game, the ‘game’s rating is still pending. But from the look of the trailer video, the content of the game may include violence and is clearly not meant for children.

Currently, the publisher ‘doesn’t give out many details but did highlight the crossplay features of the game. The website where the game is published mostly consists of “coming soon” messages, as well as a brief introduction of the game, a video showing a sneak peek of the game, and technical requirements.

The technical requirements shared by the publisher include a minimum or recommended requirements of Windows Pro 64-bit, ‘Intel’s i5 core CPU, ‘NVIDIA’S GTX 555 GPU, a RAM of 6144, and device storage of 16GB.

Apparently, more details about the game will be shared by the publishing company later this month.