Surprise Hit Game, Celeste, Finally Receives Its ‘Chapter 9: Farewell’ DLC Next Week And It Is Completely Free

Surprise Hit Game, Celeste, Finally Receives Its ‘Chapter 9: Farewell’ DLC Next Week And It Is Completely Free
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Celeste is a platforming and puzzle video game first released in January of 2018 by Matt Makes Games. After its release, the game quickly gained popular as a fun romp with a classic game style. And, finally, after almost two years, the game will reach its conclusion with a brand new DLC released by the developer. And the best part? It is absolutely free.

The DLC, “Chapter 9: Farewell,” comes out next week on September 9th. The DLC has been in the works for a while and fans have been kept on the edge of their seats. Unfortunately, the update also spells the end of the updates for the game. And, in yet another twist, the update signals the end of the Matt Makes Games development studio. The lead developer Matt Thorson has announced that the development studio will become Extremely OK games.

The first announcement for the new update first came out back in December of last year. The team said the new DLC would be a collection of immensely difficult levels that would give Celeste a final farewell from the creative team and for the fans.

The update was actually supposed to arrive in early 2019. So the new DLC is actually pretty late, which is why so many fans have been kept in anticipation of its eventual release. But here it is, finally.

So what is actually in it? Well, the final DLC is a story-based chapter to the actual Celeste game that is supposed to wrap everything up in a nice, neat bow. There will be more than 100 levels added to the game, which means Celeste will ultimately have 800 levels if you download Chapter 9.

But that is not all. The update comes with brand new mechanics to entice players back in. There will even be brand new items to play around with. So this is the perfect chance to get back into the game if you haven’t touched it in a few months. As always, the music will be done by Lena Raine. And the DLC actually includes 40 minutes of new music. That is always great news.

Celeste‘s final DLC “Chapter 9: Farewell” will officially release next Monday on September 9th. Be mindful that the final update means there will be a physical copy of Celeste coming to stores soon. So if you are an owner of Celeste, make sure to download the update so you can get the final levels to this great game.