Razer’s Gaming Ultrabook Blade Stealth Boost Performance With The Latest GPU

Razer’s Gaming Ultrabook Blade Stealth Boost Performance With The Latest GPU
Credit: Dave Lee via YouTube

Razer can finally back up its claim of producing an actual gaming laptop with it’s latest refined Blade Stealth 13.

Blade Stealth 13 is claimed as the first GTX graphic laptop in the world with ultrathin features. It’s ultrathin and light feature makes it easy to bring anywhere.

Built with a long-lasting battery that can stand for up to 24-hours, this laptop brings joy to the gaming world.

The previous version of Razer’s ultrabook that contains GeForce MX150 is certainly a letdown and does not live up to the expectation of many to become the “World’s Gaming Ultrabook.” Fortunately, the company upped its game and replaced the previous GPU with a better performing one called GTX 1650.

GTX 1650 is created based on the latest Turing GPU design produced by Nvidia. With a lack of ray detection gear and design based on Turing’s slowest model, this GPU can’t really be called the best GPU. However, it can’t be denied that this GPU version did enhance the game’s performance as compared to the previous slower GPU.

Aside from the new GPU, this ultrabook also paired up with the latest processors by the infamous company, Intel. This device surprisingly contains the 10th core generation “Ice Lake,” namely the Core i7-1065G7. This core is a four-core chip that is supported by hyperthreading.

Additionally, other features of this latest laptop include a 13.3’’ display that offers up to 4K resolution and a brand new chroma keyboard by the company. It’s a stylish design, and portability features make it an excellent choice for both gaming and work.

The company also made a cheaper ultrabook model that is both durable and elegantly designed called the Mercury White. Apart from an all-day battery lifespan, this model incorporated graphics from the latest Intel’s Iris Plus and paired up with the i7 processors that belong to the most recent 10th core generation of Intel. Unlike other models with 512GB of storage space, this model only has about 256GB.

Though the company released a bold claim calling this ultrabook the first gaming ultrabook in the world, this claim might hold its truth technically, but there are still other laptops out there that are both thin and light fit for gaming.

Nevertheless, the company did a great job of addressing the complaints of fans (specifically about the slow previous GPU) and take action on resolving them by swapping out the last weak GPU with a better one.