Gamers of Splatoon 2 bid the game farewell as its sequel arrives

Gamers of Splatoon 2 bid the game farewell as its sequel arrives
Credit: vgc

Splatoon 3 has officially been released, and for some people, it’s a bittersweet day. Many people returned to the world of Splatoon 2 on Friday as the timer for the launch of the third installment wound down.

Before Splatoon 3’s debut, many players logged back into its forerunner to express emotional thanks for the first-person shooter, as reported by Eurogamer. The notes that graced the game’s central location, Inkopolis Square, ranged from straightforward farewells to effusive compliments for the well-liked Switch title.

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While many of the messages expressed joy about getting to play a fresh Splatoon game, others bemoaned their financial situation or lack of ability to purchase the game.

Some of the notes even included quite outstanding illustrations of the in-game characters to demonstrate how much Splatoon 2 meant to the sender. Others seized the chance to boast about how long they had spent playing the game. One player said that during the course of the game’s five-year existence, they had accumulated up to almost 3,000 hours of paint-throwing time.

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Overall, it’s wonderful to see people unite in honor of a game that has meant a lot to them. Splatoon 2 is probably going to become obsolete sooner rather than later because Splatoon 3 offers a lot of the same gameplay as its predecessor, with a few shrewd upgrades. But it can leave knowing that it mattered to a lot of people.

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