Gadgeteer, The Fun VR Puzzler, Is Now On Early Access On Steam; You Can Give Your Inputs In The Game As It Develops

Gadgeteer, The Fun VR Puzzler, Is Now On Early Access On Steam; You Can Give Your Inputs In The Game As It Develops
Credit: Metanaut -

Gadgeteer, one of the highly anticipated VR games for this year, is moving to Early Access on Steam.

The concept for the game is simple enough. You find yourself in a room filled with gadgets, knick-knacks, dominoes, and other items. The object is to build your own contraption and watch the laws of physics unfold.

Remember all those intricate falling domino videos which can be very addicting to watch? That’s essentially Gadgeeter in its simplest form. Of course, you have many more items in the room to create even more intricate machines.

But you are not contained in this room, however. Metanaut said that you might be able to build a machine that can push through the space-time continuum.

There are two modes for Gadgeteer:

1. Sandbox Mode. You have an open environment where you can build anything you want without worrying about rules. Of course, you will still be governed by the laws of physics. When you are finished with your masterpiece, you can then choose to share this with others.

2. Puzzle Mode. The Story mode, meanwhile, will put you in the middle of a mystery. A brilliant but mad scientist is missing, along with her daughter. How did they go missing? What was she experimenting on before they vanished in thin air? Why would people be interested in finding them?

Fortunately, they left some bread crumbs for you to follow. To get to the bottom of the mystery, you need to solve 60 puzzles.

Gadgeteer was included in PC Gamer’s list for most anticipated VR games for 2019.

Among the features of the game include:

– No restrictions on the location and the manner in which you build your machines
– You have complete freedom to play with your environment
– Over 50 gadgets that you can use to construct your masterpieces
– Three toolheads that you can use to build, change or destroy
– Endless possibilities and replayability

The game promises a painless process of undoing a mistake. This is good news because nobody wants to waste hours only to find out the machine is not working.

Gadgeteer already finished with its beta and even announced three winners of its mini-contest. You can watch their machines on this YouTube page and get a good idea of how it works.

Its Sub-Reddit page is also filled with submitted clips from players who built their own machines with Gadgeteer.

You can visit the Steam page for more information regarding Gadgeteer.