Frantic Multiplayer Party Game Ponpu Launches This Week On November 5

Frantic Multiplayer Party Game Ponpu Launches This Week On November 5
Credit: Ponpu Website

Zordix Publishing and developer Purple Tree Studio have announced the release date for the multiplayer party game Ponpu. The title will launch on PC and consoles shortly.

Ponpu tells the story of duck-on-duck fighting. The Duck God has had enough of the world’s problems. Every two billion years, the world has to be refreshed, and the Duck God has sent Ponpu as his herald.

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Unfortunately, Ponpu landed on Earth on his head, which gave the creature amnesia. Now Ponpu is working to fight against the Duck God and save the world. It’s a situation that may seem familiar to Dragon Ball fans, but Ponpu tells a story completely about ducks.

The game contains solo and multiplayer modes. In the single-player mode, Ponpu fights through ten worlds, including a rival Punpu and giant bosses. The developer describes the bosses as grotesque and giant monsters that will give Ponpu quite a challenge.

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Ponpu doesn’t have to fight alone. Multiplayer features up to four other players, both online and local. Players can take part in Coin Steal to collect the ost coins, 2 v 2 Paint Battle, which has players fighting to spread the most paint, and Deathmatch, where everyone fights until the end. All stats are tracked in a global ranking system.

Ponpu was inspired by the classic gameplay of the Bomberman series. However, Ponpu contains new mechanics plus uses unique hand-drawn graphics instead of 2D or 3D pixel visuals. The developer states that Ponpu is a “fresh take on a classic game concept.”

Those who want to try out the game ahead of its release can download a free demo now. The demo is a good way to try out the game’s mechanics before buying the full game plus see the unique art style in action.

The publisher has created an official Discord server. Through the server, players can take part in special tournaments or matchmaking events. The developers are also available for occasional questions.

Those who want to follow the development of the game can follow the publisher and developer on social media, watch gameplay on YouTube, or visit the official Ponpu website through Zordix Publishing.

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Ponpu launches on PC via Steam, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 on November 5.