Forward to the Sky Nintendo Switch Release Delayed Until Spring 2021

Forward to the Sky Nintendo Switch Release Delayed Until Spring 2021
Credit: Forward to the Sky Website

In early 2020, Cosen announced plans to release Animu Game‘s Forward To The Sky on the Nintendo Switch. The English version of the game was released on Steam in 2015. The game was expected to launch sometime this year. However, on Cosen’s website, the game is now expected to launch in “early Spring 2021.” The reason for the delay is not yet known.

The title is a third-person adventure game where players work to reveal the story of the sky tower. Long ago, there was a great tower where people lived happily mining crystals. Life was prosperous. Unfortunately, a terrible disaster ended that dream. In recent days, the sky tower has once again emerged.

Forward to the Sky stars a Princess who tries to collect several crystal pieces to connect the story. The entire story will be revealed once she reaches the top of the tower. There are six unique levels to explore on the Princess’s quest to reach the top of the tower.

The gameplay consists of action platforming, along with solving puzzles in a relaxing atmosphere. The gameplay was meant to be easy enough for anyone to pick up and play but provide a challenge for more serious players. As the Princess, players will battle the elements, avoid traps, and interact with the environment to solve puzzles.

The Switch release of the game will contain more content than the original game. A contest was also held to cast Japanese voice roles for the game.

Players on the Nintendo Switch can expect more levels than the original six, additional bosses, plus new mini-games. The developer hasn’t revealed exactly what the additional content will consist of, but fans will have to wait several more months before the Switch version is out.

Forward to the Sky was brought to life thanks to an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. Only half of the funding goal was reached to help fund more illustrations, but the game was completed in development. Initially, the game was only scheduled to launch on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Players who want to try out the game before it’s launched on the Nintendo Switch can still access it for PC via Steam. The Steam version has an overall “Very Positive” average out of over 1,600 reviews. A free demo is also available on Steam, however, the free version has a “Mixed” review compared to the full version.

Those who want to follow the development and release of Forward to the Sky on the Nintendo Switch can follow Cosen or AnimuGame on social media.

Forward to the Sky is now scheduled to launch on the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2021.