Rare Playstation-Nintendo Hybrid Prototype Console Will Be Available On Sale

Rare Playstation-Nintendo Hybrid Prototype Console Will Be Available On Sale
Credit: CTNtechnologynews via YouTube

A PlayStation-Nintendo hybrid console is recently making new in the gaming world because it would be put on sale anytime now. This prototype was first seen in the late 1980s and was the result of the two companies, Sony and Nintendo, partnering to create a working CD-ROM drive for the SNES console.

The owner of the rare device, Terry Diebold, is now offering the console as tweeted by Cedric Biscay from Shibuya Productions. He said that the prototype console would be put on sale in the first week of November. It did not mention how much the prototype console would be, though. So we can expect it to have a price that reflects its rarity.

The tweet also mentioned that Diebold is ready to sell the rare device for some undisclosed reason. Biscay also included some pictures of the unique PlayStation-Nintendo hybrid to attract collectors and gaming historians from across the world.

A brief history of the unique console dates back to the collaborative efforts during 1980 when consoles were reliant on optical disc drives. This was also before Nintendo got its feet into the tech industry with the release of the Gamecube back in 2000.

One interesting fact about the console hybrid is it carries the Sony PlayStation brand, while its controller ports are taken from the Super Nintendo. This rare console hybrid, which has been dubbed by some as the Super NES CD-ROM, shows us a historical glimpse when two gaming giants merged to create a unique device.

Eventually, Sony’s contract fell through, and Nintendo proceeded using the game cartridge and to incorporate its design to future models. Sony, though, had other ideas when they released their very first gaming console, the PlayStation, in 1994.

Both companies went head-to-head during the 90s and the early 2000s, competing for dominance in the gaming world, particularly in the home console niche. Then, Microsoft entered the battle in 2001, changing the landscape to the familiar gaming world we have now.

This gaming console hybrid is one of the few reminders of how today’s rival tech and gaming behemoth crossed paths and collaborated. Cedric Biscay’s post was quickly picked up by gaming enthusiasts and collectors from around the world.

Terry Diebold has asked some serious bidders to get in touch. But if the right price is not satisfied, we can expect to see this rare find in an auction house or probably e-bay to get a higher appraisal.