Fallout 76 Players Was Welcomed With An Unpleasant Holiday Surprise As A Glitch Permits Hackers To Empty Inventories

Fallout 76 Players Was Welcomed With An Unpleasant Holiday Surprise As A Glitch Permits  Hackers To Empty  Inventories
Credit: Bethseda Softworks via YouTube

Just when everyone is looking to immerse in Fallout’s world, players were welcomed with an unpleasant holiday surprise as a glitch caused an inventory hack that allows players with no honor to empty the entire inventories by just being in the same premise as the targets.

The Fallout 76 inventory hack was pushed immediately after a different hack that made users gain access to spawning on servers with large amounts of legendary items, which consisted of some with more stats than the standard allowed.

However, the first insight gathered regarding Fallout 76 inventory hack was first noted by Reddit user TKsMantis who got notified of the upcoming hack. Based on the post, the Fallout 76 hack enables players to gain access to players’ inventories on PC by just being in close-range with them. The surprising thing is the hacker doesn’t have to see the target, once they are in close range with 200 to the targets. Not only that, can the hack do. Also, players will lose the PipBoy.

In the meantime, the Fallout 76 inventory hack has several videos showing hackers empty the inventories of players. According to the Fallout 76 Reddit handle, the Fallout 76 inventory hack is meant to target players’ inventories. With the safety of each item stashed, still, all the hacker need is access to the target, and within seconds their pieces in the stash would vanish.

The solution now is the Fallout 76’s private servers. But there’s a catch; they are only exclusive to Fallout 1st subscribers. Other options include playing with a lower level character whose items are not from a mission that entails long term investments or to store the items in the stash.

For those wanting justice and brave enough to face Appalachia and its multitude of laws, then reporting the hackers will be highly acknowledged. However, Reddit user, TKsMantis noted in his post that Bethseda is quite aware of their current plight of the Fallout 76 inventory hack and is putting in efforts and working on it even before the hack was deployed. Still, at the time of this writing, there isn’t any official reply on the matter yet.

Players should be aware that the inventory hack is not just another inconvenience for those who planned to spend their free time this Christmas season in Appalachia, but yet another major issue with the continuous string of problems hunting Fallout 76 since its launch.

Well, hopefully, Bethseda would take cautious measures to rid the game of this inventory hack so that everyone can enjoy Appalachia this Christmas.