The Nine Teams Competing in February for League of Legends’ New Pacific Championship Series

The Nine Teams Competing in February for League of Legends’ New Pacific Championship Series
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

Riot has outlined their progress and plans for the upcoming year, and among those plans is the inaugural season of the new competitive series, the Pacific Championship Series. We spoke previously about the new league, but what about the teams that’ll be competing?

There will be ten teams, but only nine of them have been announced thus far. The competition will begin early in 2020 on February 8th and is created to take the spot of two former competitions, the LST and the LMS.

The nine announced teams are coming from Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, and Bangkok, with the tenth’s home nation still unknown. Due to the difference in geography, the competition will primarily take place online.

The nine teams were announced by Riot, and are as follows in no particular order:

  1. Nova Esports (Bangkok) – Nova is mobile esports team with multiple world championships under their belt, bringing a unique culture and play style to a new playing field.
  2. Liyab Esports (Manila) – Liyab is one of the teams spearheading Filipino esports. The team’s heart and spirit “remain distinctly Filipino” as they chase down regional recognition despite their recent rebrand.
  3. Resurgence (Singapore) – Resurgence is a relatively new team established only in 2017. Despite their youth, RSG has already risen to be the largest esports organization in Singapore.
  4. Talon (Hong Kong) – Talon is known for their success, having earned multiple championships across multiple platforms amongst Asian competitions. They intend to bring their exhilarating style of play to bear in the PCS.
  5. Hong Kong Attitude (Hong Kong) – Considered one of the best esports organizations of the region, Hong Kong Attitude has played in multiple World Championships and bring a considerable amount of experience to the series.
  6. G-Rex Gaming (Hong Kong) – Despite being a younger team than most, G-Rex is considered one of Hong Kong’s most respected entertainment organizations. They recently represented the LMS at the 2018 Worlds
  7. J Team (Taipei) – Debuting in the 2016 LMS Summer Split, J Team has ranked as one of the top teams since. After recently winning the LMS Summer Split of 2019, J Team is here to dominate the PCS
  8. Alpha Esports (Taipei) – Having recently remade their entire roster, Alpha is coming to the PCS with the hopes of turning themselves into a household name.
  9. ahq eSports Club (Taipei) – Previously serving to represent the LMS region in several different Worlds series, ahq is here to keep adding trophies to their closet with their unique and creative playstyle.

The tenth team will likely be announced sometime around the turn of the new year in about a week from now. Until then, we suggest you read up on these teams and get familiar – there isn’t long until the competition starts!