EPremier League Announces The Prize Pool For The 2019/20 Season, Registration Open For UK FIFA 20 Gamers

EPremier League Announces The Prize Pool For The 2019/20 Season,  Registration Open For UK FIFA 20 Gamers
Credit: Sky Sports Football via YouTube

UK gamers have a chance to win glory by playing their favorite Premier League club, as well as earn a big check.

The ePremier League, put on by the Premier League, has just announced the prize pool for the 2019 – 2020 season.

Gamers from the UK can register to play their favorite soccer/football club in FIFA 20. When the ePremier League is all said and done, one player will win half of the £40,000 prize pool.

First place – £20,000
Second place – £10,000
Runner-ups for PS4 and Xbox One – £5000

To be eligible to compete in the esports tournament, gamers must be from the UK and aged 16 years or older. Any skill level can join!

Gamers can register now via the ePremier League website, and up until the end of the qualification period, December 22nd. On December 2nd, the Online Qualifiers for the ePremier League will start, so if UK fans are thinking about joining, they should soon.

Here’s a video of the ePremier League Finals from last year:

This is how the league works:

Premier League fans will register, and December 2nd is the first day of Online Qualifiers.
Gamers from Xbox One and PS4 will choose the club that they want to represent and play FIFA 20 matches against other hopefuls.

These matches will determine the best players for each Premier League club. A maximum of 16 players per club will make it through the Online Qualifiers and to the Club Playoffs in February.

At the Club Playoffs, a finalist from each club will be determined, one from each console.

Those players will punch their ticket to the ePremier League Live Finals, which will take place in London on March 27th and 28th. The Finals will determine the ultimate champion of the tournament.

Tournament Format via ePremier League


The Premier League clubs that UK gamers will be playing are:
• Arsenal
• Aston Villa
• AFC Bournemouth
• Brighton and Hove Albion
• Burnley
• Chelsea
• Crystal Palace
• Everton
• Leicester City
• Liverpool FC
• Manchester City
• Manchester United
• Newcastle United
• Norwich City
• Sheffield United
• Southampton
• Tottenham Hotspur
• Watford
• West Ham United
• Wolverhampton Wanderers

This is the second season of the ePremier league. The inaugural season proved to be extremely popular, so its back with a lot of hype behind it. Last season, Donovan ‘Tekkz’ Hunt won the league playing Liverpool, so one can be sure that he’ll be competing again.

The £40,000 prize pool is something, but one would think that because of the amount of money backing the Premier League, and the success of the first ePremier League, the pool would be a little deeper.

However, FIFA 20 gamers are going to have the chance to make some cash, and that’s pretty great!