EA Play Access Comes To Steam On August 31 Offering Subscriptions For Game Access

EA Play Access Comes To Steam On August 31 Offering Subscriptions For Game Access
Credit: @EA via Twitter

A low-cost monthly subscription that gives you access to a myriad of titles on your preferred PC gaming platform; this seems like a shoo-in for Steam to find victory with, and many have been waiting for quite some time for Valve to finally draw back the curtain.

Instead of Valve doing so, however, it turns out that Electronic Arts is going to offer their subscription on the Steam platform, and it’s all set to begin on August 31.

If you’ve been paying close attention, this has actually been foretold as we were able to identify key points in Steam platform patches that noted subscriptions and game access somehow intertwining; this also means that the possibility of Steam offering titles for a subscription isn’t completely dead just yet.

With this discovery, however, we’re asking a few additional questions that have been outlined by Electronic Arts re-accepting the Steam platform for their titles: Electronic Arts titles are typically a bit cheaper than the same titles that they put on Steam, and this seems to be a sticking point for the massive corporation.

Thus, the question has been raised as to whether using the Steam platform will result in a price increase from the EA Access that is offered on Origin.

Further, it’s also unknown as to whether existing subscriptions will automatically transfer over to Steam; if you’ve connected your EA account to a different Steam profile than the one that you’re currently using, then it would be wise to sort that out in the two weeks prior to the subscription launch on Steam.

Electronic Arts has also announced benefits for EA Play (the term for the subscription on the Steam platform, versus the EA Access on Origin) that subscribers will receive.

First, selected new titles from EA will be offered to EA Play members for ‘up to 10 hours’, meaning while it could be less, it’s unlikely to be more. Still, dipping your feet into a title that you’re lukewarm on when it comes out (akin to the Xbox Game Pass on PC) is pretty tasty content. Additionally, you can unlock exclusive rewards from titles that only other members can have, while saving ten percent on EA titles.

Of course, this comes with having a relatively large vault of titles that will be immediately playable on the Steam platform just by being a member, greatly increasing everyone’s libraries well past the bursting point, or the point of reason.

Everything is set to fire off on August 31, 2020; prepare yourself for even more titles to chew through.