Mutazione Has A New Content Update Adding A Relaxing Garden Mode To The Already Peaceful Game

Mutazione Has A New Content Update Adding A Relaxing Garden Mode To The Already Peaceful Game
Credit: PlayStation via Youtube

Mutazione has made its name as a very story-driven game. The magical land with a musical gardening mechanic has fascinated players since its release. Now in the game’s first content update has been adding, giving players a more relaxing way to play the game.

The first big content update has added Garden Mode and available today for players to enjoy. This new mode allows players a chance to lay back and enjoy the game rather than worrying about objectives, quest, or finishing it. Enjoy the post-apocalyptic garden in this gorgeous world.

The game has always been about exploring the island to gather seeds and plant them in gardens. You use these plants to heal the community around you as each plant carries the song of a specific instrument that is bound together into moods. Planting gardens aligns with moods that help accomplish your narrative goal. Planting the gardens births beautiful ambient compositions.

The update adds a standalone Garden Mode, which allows you access to only a garden. You can plant the seeds, craft music, and create a beautiful composition just for you. This gives players more room to experiment with the music and enjoy the heart of the gardens.

To make the storytelling still relevant, the gardens are linked to your progress through the plot. Story mode puts tons of restrictions to keep the storytelling effective, but this new Garden Mode puts the entire process in your hands.

The gardens will evolve over their own time so you can set up a composition and watch it change as new seeds blow in and old plants die. It is structured like a sandbox and meant to be played with. You can leave it running while you work, cook, and live, creating a unique ambient soundtrack that evolves over time.

This update is also adding hundreds of new music and clips, creating even more possibilities for ambient music. The Cloud Garden will have these seeds available as long as they have been unlocked in Story Mode. This is a great opportunity to try new combinations.

New updates will continue to appear over the course of the year. The game has had great success since its September release, and with the new Garden Mode, the game is sure to get better. The game is available on PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS devices. The game has four nominations from the Independent Games Festival at GDC with a positive review on almost every platform.