Developers Of Owlboy Reveal Vikings On Trampolines

Developers Of Owlboy Reveal Vikings On Trampolines
Credit: pcgamer

Vikings on Trampolines, a brilliantly named sequel to Owlboy, has been made public by its creators. Although you could infer from the name that there’s more to it than that, the truth is that it’s obviously about Vikings who are trampolining.

It has a straightforward idea and, according to its developers, is intrinsically accessible because all controls can be operated with only one hand. It also has a number of minigames, a single-player and multiplayer campaign, and multiplayer trials.

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You will fight “the wicked Balloonie” in the campaign, probably by forcefully busting balloons that serve as his goons.
The objectives of multiplayer combat might be as straightforward as “kick other Vikings off the trampolines” or as complicated as several levels with power-ups.

There will also be “trampoline sports,” a term I consider exciting and electrifying in this context, even though the film only provides a vague example of what appears to be soccer.

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Although Vikings on Trampolines hasn’t yet been launched, you can typically find it on Steam and its online site. We don’t anticipate it to take them as laboriously long as Owlboy, which they claimed took nine years to complete.

Following the release of Squirrel with a Gun, Vikings on Trampolines makes this a successful week for the niche game genre “Games That Are Precisely What Their Headline Says.”

A squirrel with a gun is the main character in the upcoming video game Squirrel with a Gun, which will be available on Steam.

The gun it carries about can be used to steal from people, solve riddles, and ostensibly battle shadowy men in black—not a squirrel-sized gun, mind you—but like typical person-scale weaponry. At least, that is how it appears in the teaser, which is also available on YouTube and is included above.