Destiny 2: Xur Inventory Breakdown And Location For The Week Of 6/26 Through 6/30

Destiny 2: Xur Inventory Breakdown And Location For The Week Of 6/26 Through 6/30
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

Xur is back yet again for another week of Destiny 2. Each reset, the wandering vendor returns to offer a new assortment of rare goods. He is in fact the only vendor in the game that sells exotic weapons and armor, so its definitely worth checking out his store each week.

This week, Xur is located in the EDZ on Earth. Specifically, he can be found north of the Winding Cove drop location. He carries with him this time the Colony, Young Ahamkara Spine, Synthoceps, and the Phoenix Protocol. Additionally, Xur offers an exotic engram known as the Fated engram that guarantees a new exotic to drop from it.

Now to get into the juicy details. Starting off with the weapon for the week, the Colony grenade launcher is a doozy of a weapon with perks that make it especially suitable for PvP. This is mostly due to the “Insectoid Robot Grenades” (yes you read that right) that chase down targets and explode them.

For Hunters this week, the Young Ahamkara Spine gauntlets are available for purchase and can be deadly in the right hands. This exotic enhances the Tripmine grenades by increasing the duration and blast radius. Additionally, kills refund trip mine energy, making them a deadly combo if you can perfect their usage.

Titans this week have the opportunity to grab the Synthoceps gauntlets. These are a versatile exotic but really shine in close combat PvP situations. The “Biotic Enhancement” perk reads,

“Increased melee lunge range. Improved melee and Super damage when you’re surrounded.”

Since Titans have the resilience to go toe-to-toe with other guardians in a shorter range gunfight, this exotic might just give you the edge you need by meleeing down a low health opponent.

Finally, Warlocks have the excellent Phoenix Protocol chest piece for sale. This used to be a dominant option for the Well of Radiance subclass, but even after substantial nerfs remains a must-have. The main draw of the exotic is that getting kills or assists while in the Well of Radiance grants super energy. When wiping out hordes of energies, you can be well on your way to the next Super before the well even drops.

Xur has some excellent options in stock today, so make sure to visit him before he’s gone. Every Tuesday during the weekly reset he disappears. Next Friday he will, fortunately, return with a new host of weapons and armor, so make sure to check back here for all the latest Destiny 2 information.