Desperados 3’s Money For The Vultures DLC Is Now Available

Desperados 3’s Money For The Vultures DLC Is Now Available
Credit: THQ Nordic via Youtube

Desperados 3 has been a pretty successful tactical game set in the Wild West. It features an amazing story, unique western settings, and a likeable cast of characters that you root for all the way until the end.

The game has only been out since June and it’s already receiving some new story DLC titled Money for the Vultures. It’s the first part of several updates panned and to celebrate, an official trailer was put out.

The new level revolves around the gang hunting down Vincent DeVitt’s hidden riches. Finding their whereabouts won’t be easy, though. The area is heavily guarded with looters. You’ll have to carefully map out a plan to reap these rewards.

This DLC is included as part of the Battle Pass system. It seems like a pretty great value considering how long levels last. Some can last for hours because of their multi-segment design.

The developer has plans of adding more at a later date, which is great news for Desperados 3 fans. It really is a fun game with an interesting assortment of characters. The group has a bond that you feel from the very beginning. They’re also well-written and humorous.

As you complete missions in a Wild West setting, they become sort of like family. Each one is uniquely skilled as well, which adds to the combat diversity. Whether it’s John Cooper or Doc McCoy, the gang is always getting into some grand adventures that you can’t help but appreciate.

A lot of gamers have praised Desperados 3 for its bevy of tactical options in combat. How you approach enemies is completely up to you. There are stealth-based attacks, lethal tactics, and then a mix of both. The constant change in plans keeps you on edge and gives every situation added tension.

Desperados 3 is already a great strategy game, but it could get even better if the developer keeps this story DLC going. It’s clear they have a huge hit on their hands and they should continue to put out content as to keep fans entertained with the wonderful world they’ve built.

As far as the Money for the Vultures DLC, you can bet there will be plot twists that throw you for a loop. Can Rosie from Baton Rouge be trusted or is she looking to double-cross you and your gang once you discover DeVitt’s riches? That’s what you can find out today. More adventures like this are on the way as well.