Dark Moonlight Is An Upcoming Action Horror Adventure Announced For PC

Dark Moonlight Is An Upcoming Action Horror Adventure Announced For PC
Credit: Steam XO

Black Rose Projects has announced a new indie title from Silent Bear Studio that will send shivers down any horror fan’s back. This unique title has been inspired by the Silent Hill and Resident Evil franchise,s and it shows in its unique direction of survival horror. Dark Moonlight enters a world of constant fear driven by phobias outside the player’s control.

Enter a horror world where players have no control over what they can and cannot do. After feat has enslaved you, you are only able to escape the pain by going to bed. Yet, when you awaken, the pain returns and becomes more and more unbearable. This is the living hell found within Dark Moonlight and the feeling that this development team hopes to convey in their horror title.

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Set in the near future, Dark Moonlight places players in control of Dave Kellerman. This is a man who suffers from fears, phobias, and many other afflictions. This causes him to see things in a unique way, and players will have to deal with his infernal manifestations. Is everything in his head, or is there really a reason to be scared of what lurks in the moonlight.

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In this title, Dave Kellerman enters a modern psychiatric treatment facility where he must confront his fears within a simulated environment. At first, everything seems fine, but it is not long before Dave must confront his darkest realities.

During the experience tho, something goes wrong as Dave is entered into a dark world full of surprises and horror. Fight, survive, and forget fear as you try not to die within another reality. Can you survive without ammo and first aid? Well, this title will test those skills to the fullest extent.

This game is filled with horror encounters, but it is equally filled with gore-covered puzzles. Exercise your mind as you use new equipment and slowly become a stronger contender for survival. Solve the puzzles, and unlock your true potential.

This title is filled with scary monsters and demonic beasts. Use every weapon available to fight and try to overcome that which can not die.

This title is a unique AAA-quality experience with an immersive horror feel. Players will fight the exciting beast, take on a captivating story, and solve a mystery with a darker truth than expected.

This title is best left for adult audiences. The gore, horror, and overall tone of this title may be much for younger players.

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Dark Moonlight is set to release onto Steam, but the official date has not been revealed.