Crossroads Inn Is Getting An Anniversary Edition Next Month

Crossroads Inn Is Getting An Anniversary Edition Next Month
Credit: GryOnLineTrailery via YouTube

Crossroads Inn is one of the more intricate management games about building and managing a tavern in the fantasy world of Delcrys. There aren’t a lot of games that have this amount of detail.

It’s so detailed that managing everything that comes with a successful pub can be a challenge at times. If you stick with it and learn the various systems, then you can really start thriving and building an empire of spirits that is known worldwide.

The campaign has a pretty intriguing story, which isn’t just about running a tavern. You’ll interact with high political figures and military leaders trying to keep control of their power. Further down the road, you’ll serve drinks to some pretty influential parties that you’ll need to respond to with extreme care.

The game has been out for roughly a year now and to celebrate, an Anniversary Edition is being put out in the month of October. With it are a lot of new things that should improve upon an already solid foundation.

For instance, there will be a new tutorial mode. It has been a highly requested feature since Crossroads Inn released, which goes to how difficult it can be when first picking it up. There are so many things to learn right off the bat, so the fact that a tutorial system is finally being added should aid even the more advanced management sim gamers.

Other notable additions include new pathfinding, better AI, and better stability in general. So if you’ve played Crossroads Inn and were a little upset with glitches or bugs, they should be taken care of come October. This management game already had a lot going for it, but the Anniversary Edition should take it to the next level.

It’s important to note that if you already have this game in your collection, the Anniversary Edition will be completely free. You’ll just need to update it appropriately once the edition goes live.

There are a lot of great things to like about Crossroads Inn. The numerous NPCs you get to interact with are rich in detail and information. Being able to manage drinks, staff, and menu items also is a rewarding feeling.

You feel like you’re in control of everything and the success or failure of your pub is completely on your shoulders. In one month, it will play even better and that’s promising for fans of this game.