Control’s Next Story Expansion Titled AWE Now Has An Official Trailer

Control’s Next Story Expansion Titled AWE Now Has An Official Trailer
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Control is an action-adventure game that released back in August of last year. Developed by Remedy Entertainment, it has gone on to become one of the best games of 2019 — winning a lot of awards for its artistic direction and unique gameplay.

It’s a game about paranormal events, which are trying to be controlled by the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC). The game revolves around a female protagonist named Jesse Faden, which was a good choice by Remedy as not many games have females featured front and center.

The game has so many things going for it, from the unique and layered open setting of the Oldest House and the compelling enemies Jesse gets to take down with her ever-evolving Service Weapon with supernatural powers.

Control so far has had one expansion titled The Foundation. It peels back the layers of the Oldest House, which is dripping in mystery and intrigue. It gives players more story content to sink their teeth into as well as a new environment below the Oldest House.

It looks like Remedy is adding a second expansion, which was just teased in an official trailer. Titled Awe (Altered World Event), this latest expansion will be available on August 27th. That’s just a couple of weeks away, which is great news if you enjoyed the base game and are looking for more content and compelling story lines to get captivated by.

The trailer shows Jesse Faden walking down a corridor with rooms on both sides. The narrator in the trailer cautions players to stay in the light, indicating some sort of dark presence that will cause harm to players that enter the shadows.

A mysterious being is on the loose and it’s up to Jesse Faden to find out what it wants and put a stop to its pursuits before otherworldly events play out. Players will get to trek through the Investigations Sector, an area where the FBC spent a lot of time researching events caused by paranatural forces.

In addition to seeking out this new threat, Jesse will have the chance to explore other AWEs in hopes of gaining helpful information that can help in her journey. The trailer sets up a very exciting adventure that will surely have high stakes.

Control has been one of the more unique action-adventure games to come out in some time. It’s great to see Remedy continuing to support it with expansions and hopefully, they don’t stop any time soon.