Concrete Genie Will Launch On October 8 For PlayStation 4, The Game Will Have A Photo Mode In Its Final Build

Concrete Genie Will Launch On October 8 For PlayStation 4, The Game Will Have A Photo Mode In Its Final Build
Credit: Pixelopus

Concrete Genie is a highly anticipated title that will be releasing in time for the Halloween season. It is a PlayStation exclusive and follows the adventures of Ash as he travels on a personal journey to paint his home town. There seems to be a twist to what is happening as Ash continues to bring the city to life using his magic brush. It is very reminiscent of Harold and the Purple Crown if Harold was a teenager with a knack for graffiti.

There are many surprises within the game that you learn about as you slowly paint different beings into existence. One of the teased abilities is ‘Paint Skating’ which many imagine will allow you to skate on a paint streak of sparkles and magic. The big news about this game comes with the announcement of pre-orders beginning as of today.

The game was created by Pixelopus who are excited to share their game with the community. It has been a long slow development process, but fans are saying the game looks good and they are excited to get their hands on it.

The game takes place in a town called Denska which has been mostly abandoned due to pollution. You play as Ash who doodles in his notebook regularly. When a group of bullies steal your book and rip out the pages, Ash must go on a quest to recover his art. Along the way, he finds a magic paintbrush that brings his creations to life. He uses it to paint the town and overcome the bullies that destroyed his notebook.

Photo Mode is a cool feature that has been slipped into the game, adding a timelapse style replay that shows how you put your artistic compositions together. The photos will be uploaded so you can share it with your friends and the developers of the game.

As an incentive to pre-order Pixelopus is offering an Avatar set as well as a special Dynamic Theme featuring a rooftop scene from Denska with special music composed by Sam Marshall. The team is happy with how the theme turned out and hope to share those atmospheric vibes in the personalization section of their fans PS4s.

If you purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition, you can immerse yourself further in the world. A Digital Artbook featuring the devlopment images of the game created by the Art Director Jeff Sangalli is provided along with a complete soundtrack of the game. You will also receive a Pond Design Pack letting you further expand your toolset. And additional Dynamic Theme is provided featuring a Lighthouse location from the game.

The game is available on the PlayStation Store pre-order for $29.99, or you can purchase the Digital Deluxe edition for $39.99. All of the game’s different editions contain two beautiful, immersive PlayStation VR modes that were unveiled back in April in addition to the game itself.