Community Update For Call Of Duty: Mobile Features New In-Game Events And Battle Royale Updates

Community Update For Call Of Duty: Mobile Features New In-Game Events And Battle Royale Updates
Credit: Gamer Yash via YouTube

Call of Duty: Mobile has launched some new features, with a few more coming out in a couple of days. There were a bunch of bug fixes with the update as well, and gamers can click the link in the embedded tweet to read up on them.

There are a bunch of in-game events that will come and go before Christmas, including:
• Double XP Weekend (this weekend) – December 6th to December 8th
• Gun Game Mode and Challenges (currently disabled for technical reasons) – December 6th to 12th
• New Operator Skill – Gravity Spikes – December 6th to 15th
• Winter Themed Mysteries for Battle Royale – December 9th to TBA
• Add Friends – December 9th to 19th
• Play with a Friend – December 9th to 19th.

The biggest highlight from these events is the Gun Game, which has launched already and was subsequently taken down because of technical errors. It should be brought back as soon as the developers fix the issues, and this will probably mean the amount of time it’s available for will be extended by however long it’s down for.

Call of Duty: Mobile gamers can also enjoy a double XP weekend. If players were looking for an excellent weekend to grind out matches, this is the one to do so.

Gravity Spikes have been brought into the game for a limited time, as well. Veteran Call of Duty players will remember Gravity Spikes from Call of Duty: Black Ops III. In Mobile, it’s an Operator Skill and allows gamers to shoot a gravity shock wave at an enemy or vehicle, stopping them in their tracks.

A few other elements are coming to Call of Duty Mobile in a couple of days, in the way of in-game rewards for being social. If a player adds a new friend, they’ll get in-game loot for doing so. Also, if a gamer plays in a party with friends, they’ll earn points every match, and ultimately work towards obtaining the M21 EBR – Jackfrost for their extroverted gaming.

Battle Royale has been receiving some updates as well and will throughout the holiday season. If gamers notice while they’re on the Battle Royale map, there has been a circus added to it. Kind of creepy, and it looks like starting December 9th, even more, mysterious things will start popping up, painting a more significant theme.

Call of Duty: Mobile gamers should keep their eyes open as things get weirder and weirder on the Battle Royale map.