Coming-Of-Age Adventure Game Embracelet Port Headed To iOS On November 26

Coming-Of-Age Adventure Game Embracelet Port Headed To iOS On November 26
Credit: Embracelet via Nintendo

Indie developer Machineboy has announced his adventure game Embracelet will head to iOS and iPad devices this week. The game was previously released on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Embracelet is an adventure game set in Northern Norway in a fishing community. The title is a coming-of-age story featuring themes of love, loss, friendship, and family. The main character, Jesper, also wields a magical bracelet that contains magical powers.

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Jesper is tasked with finding out the mysteries behind the bracelet. That includes finding out his origins and who it truly belongs to. He’ll also discover why his grandfather decided to leave the small island and leave his old life, and those who love him, behind.

Along the way, Jesper will use the bracelet to solve various puzzles. This includes controlling construction items to clear pathways to Jesper can continue on his adventure.

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The story also includes making important decisions. Jesper’s choices can affect the outcome of the story. One example shows Jesper trying to reason or diffuse a situation between two people. One may turn out to be an enemy, while the other will become a friend.

The game contains “gentle” difficulty, so players can take their time to become immersed in the game. The intriguing story and soundtrack should also pull players in. Players can expect around 3-6 hours of playtime with multiple endings.

The developer is currently working on improving the mobile experience to make it run smoothly on both iPhones and iPads. There’s no information on if the developer plans to port the game on Android or when that may occur.

Embracelet is being recreated in a new rendering pipeline (LWRP). The developer also mentioned on Twitter that he is reworking the UI and controls for touch to make the title more mobile friendly. Players can follow the developer on Twitter as he discusses progress on the mobile port.

The game will be a premium title, which means that players will have to purchase it upfront. This should be good news to many, as that means there will be no distracting ads, and players can simply enjoy the title.

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Embracelet is currently available for PC and Nintendo Switch for those who want to play it before its launch to mobile.

Embracelet launches on iOS on November 26.