Civilization 6 New Frontier Pass – The DLC Season Pass Which Delivers Content Updates Every Two Months

Civilization 6 New Frontier Pass – The DLC Season Pass Which Delivers Content Updates Every Two Months
Credit: Firaxis via YouTube

Civilization VI will receive a new DLC package called the Frontier Pass, with regular content update drops coming to the game every two months. This is like a season pass, which will eventually add nine new leaders and eight new civilizations.

Other additions will include gameplay tweaks, game modes, and quality of life changes. The dev refers to these changes and additions as the “delicious toppings on your ice cream cone of Civilization 6.”

The Frontier Pass is available for $39.99 and starts on May 21st, running right up into March 2021. Both of the first drops of content have already been announced, and they include the returning Civilization of the Maya and a never-before-seen Civ, Gran Colombia. Ethiopia will also be making an appearance in July.

As well as the new Civilizations and leaders, the pack introduces the Apocalypse game mode (yes, there will be meteorites), unique City-States to add historical flavor to the game overworld, new resources, and more Natural Wonders.

For those who own the DLC Fronter Pass, you’ll receive the Teddy Roosevelt and Catherine de Medici Persona Packs, which essentially change the respective nation’s leaders. There are unique animations, voice acting and in-game changes. There will be more of these Persona Packs to come in the future.

The Full Civilization 6 Frontier Pass Roadmap

Firaxis has also announced that there will be free updates for players who have not purchased the Civilization 6 New Frontier DLC pass, and this will include new maps, balance changes, and updated scenarios. For some features of the Frontier Pass to work, players will require the previous two DLCs for Civ 6, Gathering Storm and Rise and Fall.

This new season pass replaces the typical method of DLCs for Civ, which usually arrive in sporadic content drops. Both Civilization 5 and Civilization 6 have been transformed by their DLCs, from games that released fairly empty to more fleshed out experiences worked on by the development team over the course of several years.

The Frontier Pass gives players a more balanced content drop, with new features, leaders and gameplay changes to look forward to over the next year. Check out the full trailer above to hear more about the pass from the developers.