Doom Eternal For The Nintendo Switch Still Doesn’t Have A Release Date

Doom Eternal For The Nintendo Switch Still Doesn’t Have A Release Date
Credit: Bethesda Softworks UK via YouTube

Doom Eternal has been an incredible action FPS from the people at id Software. They really nailed down the adrenaline-pumping metal music, abundance of heavy-duty weapons, and the epic of demon slaying. It can be considered a symphony of destruction captured brilliantly in modern day.

It has now been out since March and for the most part, the community and loyal fans seem to be loving every minute of it. Unfortunately, Switch users have been missing out on the action as the FPS is currently only available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

All throughout last year, more Doom games have been ported over to the Switch and quite successfully, in fact. The hybrid design just lends itself well to killing demons in portable mode. It was only a matter of time before Doom Eternal ended up on this popular platform too, but when?

Well, it seems like there is still no official release date. 2020 isn’t probably a realistic window considering the company porting it over — Panic Button — wants to ensure the game isn’t rushed as to give fans the best experience possible. However, id Software’s Marty Stratton has went on record saying the delay wouldn’t be huge.

Although there still isn’t light at the end of the tunnel for Switch gamers, it’s nice to see Panic Button taking their time to ensure a smooth port. They have done a great job with past Doom games so their track record is pretty spotless. Hopefully, they don’t run into any major setbacks.

It’s clear Switch fans are excited about this AAA game. Being able to play it on the Switch almost warrants purchasing it again if you already have a copy, but want to check it out using the Switch’s portable capabilities.

Imagine the demon-slaying potential in the bathroom or laying down in bed. Or you can save Earth from hell’s evil forces while traveling to work. That idea alone is worth the price of admission.

Hopefully the developer comes out and provides an official release sooner rather than later. For now, interested gamers will just have to live vicariously through their friends that have the game on compatible consoles.

Considering everything that Doom Eternal has going for it — from the brutal boss fights to the never-ending amount of insane weapons — the wait seems well worth it. Switch gamers will eventually get to enjoy a unique FPS filled with loads and loads of action that never ceases to provide excitement.